Loom Band Charms

Loom Band Charms (Rainbow Loom Band Charms)

Yep, we're hooked on Loom Bands in our house.  We've made more bracelets than one family ever should.  But it's fun, cheap, fairly easy and something my kids and I can do together.  We sit on the floor in front of my iPad and look up videos on YouTube.  It's great family time! Why are we making so many Loom Band things?  We sell them.  We're planning a volunteer trip in June to Peru to work in an orphanage for 6 weeks.  Sounds unreal, right?  We're so excited but we have to raise a ton … [Continue reading...]

DIY iPhone & iPod Speakers

DIY iPhone and iPod Speakers

  Okay, don't laugh.  Yes, we made these.  I saw a video on Facebook from Sabado Gigante and showed my daughter.  That was it for me.  She said we had to make one.  Well, she actually said we had to make 3 of them.  One for each of us.   She said I needed one in my office at work.  (Ummm....) So it might look ridiculous, but it actually works.  Yep, it actually works!  And my daughter thinks it's pretty cool.  That's all that matters, right? We got our "ingredients" at … [Continue reading...]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie Bars {Secret Recipe Club}

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Bars made with Homemade Blackberry Jelly

It’s the third Monday of the month.  Yeah.  That means it’s Secret Recipe Club reveal day.  It kind of snuck up on us this month.  School has started (sigh.)  Who else is running around feeling completely frazzled lately?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with my kids going back to school.  But that means I […]

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Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies

Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies

We love root beer!  Root beer everything!  We’ve made Root Beer Float Popsicles, Root Beer Ice Cream, Root Beer Float Fudge, Root Beer Homemade Zotz Fizzy Candy and another version of Root Beer Float Cookies.  (All amazing!)  So when I saw these Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies on Pinterest, what did I do???  Pinned it! […]

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Creating & Treasuring Family Memories On Christmas 2014

Guest post by Sara Stringer. Just under four months left before the Christmas holidays bring the whole family together to share a wonderful meal and some joy – and create new memories together. Families need keepsakes. Keepsakes work like glue: they keep things together: And a bit like sugar; they sweeten. Regardless of your role […]

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If You Give a Teacher a Cookie – Back to School Gift

First Day of School Teacher Gift - If You Give a Teacher a Cookie (with printable)

  Now that my son is in middle school (big sigh) he has a lot of teachers.  Seven of them to be exact, plus a great school counselor.  Sadly, I didn’t buy enough Ball Jars for our First Day of School gifts for all of them (plus my daughter’s) so we had to come up […]

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“Cannot Wait to Have a Ball This Year” Teacher Gift

Back to School Teacher Gift with printable

Are you counting down the days until school starts?  My kids are.  They are so excited to start the new school year.  (How are they related to me???)  My son is going into middle school.  Middle school!  How did that happen?!?! We’re big believers in letting the teachers know they are appreciated.  And the beginning […]

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Homework for the Teacher


Isn’t part of the whole gift giving thing getting the person something that they would like?  I mean, I get the whole it’s the thought that counts, but if you give a person a Snickers bar and they’re allergic to peanuts, will they like it?  Sure.  Will they go home and give it to their […]

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Pina Colada Popsicles

Pina Colada Popsicles with Homemade Coconut Milk

It’s Secret Recipe Club reveal day today.  Yeah!  I love this day.  Even though we’re scrambling around trying to pack in as much summer fun as we can into the last few weeks.  But this month was a piece of cake.  As soon as I received my blog assignment last month I went over to […]

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Weekend Funnies – Going Back to Work

Back to School teacher Humor

I’m not sure how many more days of summer we have until school starts (and I have to go back to work.)  I refuse to look at a calendar or even think about it yet.  (Denial is a powerful thing.)  So here are some funnies for you.  If you don’t work in a school, you […]

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