Fairy Bites

Fairy Bites - Shortbread Cookies with Sprinkles

I just thought these little cookies were adorable.  Sprinkles and miniature food together?  Yep, a perfect marriage of fun.  The cookies is a buttery shortbread tasting cookie - my favorite.  And the sprinkles?  My daughter and her friend loved! I didn't have any nonpareils except for the Christmas ones so we used sprinkles.  I had some cool shiny ones that my daughter wanted to use. Next time I'll use the nonpareils.  I think they look better than sprinkles.  But, for now, the … [Continue reading...]

Homemade Butter Mints


Are these called Butter Mints or Dinner Mints?  Either way, they are delicious and one of my daughter's favorite mints.  They are the kind that melt in your mouth and have a wonderful hint of peppermint.  And I'm warning you now, they are totally addictive. These are kind of like the Homemade Peppermint Patties that we made awhile back and totally different at the same time.  Different taste, texture and consistency.  But both amazing. Thank you to Barefoot in the Kitchen for … [Continue reading...]

Cheezy Teacher Gift Idea with Free Printable

Cheezy Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea with Free Printable Tag

Well, the week is coming to a close.  Did you remember to thank your child’s teachers?  If you didn’t, it’s not too late.  Here’s another fun (and easy) idea for you to do.  We made these cheezy tags (Ha.  Get it?!).  Printed them out on card stock and voila – Teacher Appreciation gift.  Perfect, right?!?! […]

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You Deserve A Break Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

You Deserve A Break Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea with Free Printable

Doesn’t this make you want to belt out the Kit Kat jingle?  Come on.  Ready? Gimme’ a break Gimme’ a break Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.   Easy peasy and one everyone will love!  Because who doesn’t love a Kit Kat, right? You can find the free printable tag over […]

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We Won the Lottery With You {Teacher Gift Idea}

We Won the Lottery Teacher Appreciation Gift with Free Printable Tag

Here’s another fun Teacher Appreciation gift idea that any teacher would love…. especially if they won a ton of money!  (Or $2.  $2 makes me happy.) You can find the free printable on Coupons Are Great.   Just print it out on card stock and add it to a cello bag with lottery tickets inside.  Fun […]

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Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies {Secret Recipe Club}

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids and I are counting down the days.  Not until summer break, but until we leave for Peru.  We’re heading to Peru to go volunteer for 6 weeks in an orphanage near Cuzco.  We are so excited I can’t even tell you.  Interested in reading about our story?  You can find it here. Until […]

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Jolly Rancher Vodka ‘Cause That’s Really What Teachers Want {Teacher Appreciation}

Jolly Rancher Vodka - Teacher Appreciation Gift with Free Printable

Monday is Teacher Appreciation Week.  You may be thinking that booze isn’t the ideal teacher gift but let me tell you, I work in a middle school, booze is exactly what teachers need want after a loooong week with hundreds of hormone crazed pre-teens.  How much fun is this gift?!?!  The Jolly Rancher Vodka recipe […]

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Love Rocks – Share Some Love with Others

Love Rocks

Have you heard of Love Rocks? Last summer when we were camping we met a fun family who was camping next to us.  They introduced us to Love Rocks and taught us how to make them.  Even camping, they were simple.  Fabric, scissors, mod podge and rocks. My daughter had a great time with them.  […]

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Fun Money Gift Idea

Money Gift Idea - Break Glass in Case of Emergency

 Birthday parties can be a blessing and a curse.  My daughter loves going to all her friend’s birthday parties but sometimes shopping for a gift can be a pain.  Unless I know the child really well and can pick a perfect gift that I know they’ll love, I’ve decided I’m going with money.  Who doesn’t […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with Dessert

Lady Bug Cupcakes

Happy Earth Day!  In honor of this holiday, I bring you…. desserts.  (Did you expect anything less?!)  Click on the title above the picture to get to the link/recipe. Earth Day Cookies from Tammilee Tips  Worms and Dirt from A Pretty Life  Lady Bug Cupcakes from Bake at 350  Earth Day Cupcakes from Bird on […]

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