A Forgotten Treasure

I think most people forget what a great place the public library can be. We started going when my kids were little. They had story time during the days and my kids loved to hear stories read to them and it gave us somewhere to go that had other younger children (and it was free.) Now that my kids are a little bit older their love for the library has only increased!

I’m not sure if all libraries have all of these things to do, but the Newberg Public Library is amazing when it comes to their children’s section.

My kids belong to the “frequent reader” program. Every time we go to the library they get to get their cards out and stamp them. Twelve stamps equals a free book! I don’t know about your kids but my kids love to win things… anything! Heck, if they won a can of soup they would jump up and down. But a book?!?! They love it!

There are also computers with games and the internet that kids can play on. The game my kids love is The Magic School Bus.

There are movies, audio CDs and, of course, books to check out. There are even coloring pages to color while you are there.

My son loves to check out the books using his very own library card. He feels so grown up. My daughter can’t get one until she is in kindergarten, a fact that she’s not really pleased with. But it’s giving her something to look forward to. She is always saying “next year I get my very own library card!”

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  1. Aaahhhh, what a terrific post. And those are the cutest little sweeties I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the info. I need to go to the library too.

    I put your blog on my sidebar, FYI.