It IS a Monkey Business!

Alf’s Ice Cream and Burgers in McMinnville has been around for years. Locals all know about the delicious burgers and homemade ice cream and “mascot” Elvis. Elvis lives at Alf’s and I wish I knew exactly what kind of monkey he was but yes, Elvis is a monkey.

The outside of the restaurant looks like an old burger joint from the 50’s. It has lots of outside tables, which is great in the summer time. The inside is small, maybe 7 tables, and is filled with Betty Boop and “drive in” type decor. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the inside because it was so crowded. We went on the weekend and it was packed! The line to order was consistently long and people were waiting outside just to get in to order. We usually go during the week and don’t have this problem at all.

The menu is pretty diverse for a burger joint. They have burgers, of course. And not just a couple of different kinds of burgers. They have a huge burger menu. One of their burgers is called the “All Day Burger”. A co-worker of mine got it once and I was amazed that he could eat the whole thing. It was HUGE! and costs almost $10.

In addition to burgers there are chicken sandwiches, fried clams and shrimp (that’s what my kids always get), sweet potato fries, tator tots, onion rings, chili cheese fries and much, much more. The menu is too big to list!

And for dessert – the ice cream is wonderful. They have lots of flavors, all made right there.

So where does the monkey fit in??? In the restaurant is a glassed off cage. Elvis lives in the cage and plays around (or sleeps) and actually interacts with the people. He comes right up to the glass and watches you. The kids love it! That and the fact that he is dressed in a diaper and pants. They think that’s pretty funny too.

Alf’s is located at:
1250 Southwest Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128-6902
(503) 472-7314

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  1. This is a great example of small town America, and the food it pretty darn good. Especially the shrimp.

  2. I love supporting local businesses but with this one it’s easy! It’s yummy! =o)