St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project

At my house, anything is a potential craft supply. My kids make crafts out of everything from paper towel rolls and milk jugs to plastic cups and shoe boxes. My kids are craft maniacs! Did I do that to them??? Probably, because I also love to do crafts and now that my kids are getting older, we do crafts all the time. It’s an excellent way to spend time with them, use some creativity and imagination and have fun.

I’ve started organizing craft play dates with my kid’s friends. It’s a time that they can play and have fun but is somewhat structured too so it’s not total chaos. The kids love it and get to go home with something that they made.

Most of the craft supplies I’ve been buying I get from Oriental Trading Company. I used to go to Michaels but found that the prices at Oriental Trading Company can’t be beat. You have to buy them in packs of 12. But this gives us extra for friends to come over (or if we mess up on one.) And for 12 they are usually around $5 or $6. That’s a pretty good deal!

We made St. Patrick’s Day crafts today. I thought they looked pretty cute and they turned out great.

Each packet comes with directions so you can make it exactly like the directions say to, or you can personalize it a little and make it look a little different.

Have fun, enjoy your children and happy crafting!

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  1. It’s just amazing what Cody can make out of toilet paper and paper towel tubes. That boy is a genius.