Welcome to my blog. Like I said over there —–> I’m all about finding new and exciting places to go with my children. I know life isn’t Disneyland (and who can afford to go to Disneyland these days anyways???) But it is about making the most out of each day and giving your children memories… good memories.

I’ll have lots of resources and places to go on this blog. Just give me some time to get it up and running. =o) I’ll have places to go and eat. I will also have lots and lots of “deals” on here so check often. I’ll list restaurants I have found where kids eat free or places to go that are free or reasonably priced. Memories don’t have to cost a fortune! It’s just knowing where to go.

Please feel free to make comments about things (ie: if you’ve been someplace and enjoyed it, etc…) or to let me know of places you have found so that I can share them with everyone.

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