Adding Some Color to the Holiday

I have so many great memories about the holidays. And I’m not just thinking about Christmas but all of the holidays. I remember at Easter time hunting for Easter eggs with my brother and sister. Laughing and giggling about who was going to find the most or oohhing and ahhing over what treats we found. I remember sitting down at the dinner table and using the good China and silver and thinking everything was so fancy.

Family traditions don’t have to be expensive or even fancy. Some of the best family traditions I remember (and am passing along to my children) are the ones where we didn’t go anywhere or do anything fancy. But we spent time together and it felt special. Whether we were making homemade ice cream in the backyard or hunting for Easter eggs. I remember then vividly and very fondly.

One activity my kids and I do every year is color Easter eggs. I hard boil some of them (but since my kids won’t eat them hard boiled I don’t do a ton.) And we “blow” the rest. I was about rolling over watching my kids do this. It can be messy, but it’s fun and then you can keep the Easter eggs out on the table and don’t have to refrigerate them.

Blowing eggs is easy. You poke a small hole in one end of the egg.

Then poke another hole on the other end, a little bit bigger than the other one but not too big. Put your mouth over the smaller hole and blow! The insides shoot right out and the egg is hollow and ready to color.

We bought the cheap egg coloring kits. You can find them anywhere, including the Dollar Store. Follow the directions on the box to mix the colors and have at it! My kids love it. It’s a little messy but you can line the counter with newspapers or paper towels. I use large cookie sheets to catch all the spills.

After the eggs are dry the kids can decorate them. Stickers are great and easy but some don’t stick very well. I’m kind of simple. I like the eggs colored, no stickers or anything else – just bright colors.

And don’t forget about all the community Easter Egg Hunts going on. They started last weekend but there are so many planned for this weekend. We’re planning on going to two of them on Saturday! Most events are free so take your kids and enjoy!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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  1. Aaahhh, I love this post, Erin. Easter was always a celebration at our house. Great pix of the kids, especially Ellie blowing out the egg. I’m looking forward to Easter brunch.