Mad Scientist Party – Part One

My son just turned 7 this week. I can’t even believe it. Where has the time gone?!?!?

Every year we start planning for the birthday parties months in advance. I realize that it would be much easier to just forget about it until a couple of weeks ahead of time and then plan like crazy. But I don’t work that way. It’s a disease. We talk about it and try to come up with cool ideas and then I hunt for great deals. It’s nice because with so much time I can do that. I can surf the internet and find ideas and look for bargains. Everyone likes a bargain, right?

So my son wanted a Mad Scientist Party. Hmmm… How am I going to do that? So I surfed and found some great ideas over at Homemade Mamas. It inspired me. So we planned and planned and planned.

I’m doing this post in two parts because there is way too much to put in just one. We had too much fun and the party was a HUGE success. The look on my son’s face was well worth the time and energy!

So this post is on the decor. Here’s some of the things we did…

I bought test tubes and petri dishes here. There are tons of sites out there and they are pretty cheap. (Oh yeah, and they are plastic!) We filled the test tubes with skittles and some with skull candy.

I made glow in the dark jello and put it in the petri dishes. Yep, you heard me right… glow in the dark! It’s so cool. Just make jello the normal way but instead of water use tonic water. The kids loved it! Before it set up we added a gummy worm. What do you think?

The goodies bags were a ton of fun to do. Inside were Nerds, gummy frogs, fizzy soda candy, and a magnifying glass. When the party was over each child got to take a test tube and a petri dish also. And then there were all of our experiments that we did. They got to take all of them home as well. (Atomic slime, fake snow and magic worms. You’ll see more about these in part 2.) I made the stickers myself (super easy) and the magnifying glasses were 3 for $1 at the Dollar Store. Pretty good deal!

I made a jello centerpiece to look like a science experiment. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but the kids thought it was super gross (which was what I was going for.) I just made lime jello in a serving bowl and added lots of gummy worms and bugs. They gobbled it up!

But I thought the cupcakes were the best. My son and I made eyeball cupcakes for him to take to school.

We kind of liked how they turned out but we decided to make brain cupcakes instead for his party.

I’m not sure if you can see what the cup is or not. The wrestling coach at my work gave me a bunch of pee cups. (Yep, pee cups. New, of course.) The kids got a kick out of drinking out of them.

What a blast! I think this one will be remembered. It was crazy fun!

Make sure to come back and check out part 2 with all of the cool experiments that we did.


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  1. I bet the kids loved it! Heck, I love it! I’d love an eyeball cupcake!

  2. Wow! What a great party! The kids must have been thrilled. I cannot believe all of the creative and wonderful ideas you came up with. You did not miss one detail:) Love the pee

  3. You throw the best parties, Erin. The petrie dishes with the crawly creatures and the jellow mold were great! Love those brain cupcakes too. The kids had such a great time.

  4. Too fun! I am filing this away for my son. He would love it! Well done 🙂



  5. How fun for kids! Brrraaaiiinnnsss is all I can say…very creative indeed!

    Thanks for linking up at PonyTails&FishScales!

  6. Fantastic idea! I love teh candy test tubes! What a great birthday theme! Love all your details. Super cool! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. love your party 🙂 thank you for linking up to MMM…I am going to feature you next week 🙂

  8. What a blast! I bet your son will never forget that birthday !
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Cupcake Tuesday!

  9. The test tubes look fantastic, thank you for sharing the link for them.

  10. That is so fun! Love those cupcakes!!!

  11. Awesome birthday party. I have been collecting all of the supplies for a Mad Science party for my son’s 9th Birthday Party. Your ideas great. I am sure all of the party attendees had a nice time.

  12. Sweet party! I’m planning on doing that at some point as a Halloween party theme…

  13. I love the brain cupcakes! Looks like your son had a fantastic party.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your neat brain cupcake recipe by linking up at Muffin Monday. Hope to see you again this week!