Now THAT’S a Chip Bowl

A co-worker of mine retired this year. He was the PE teacher at the Middle School where I work. We’ve worked together for 14 years. We coached together for 8 years. I couldn’t just let him leave without a proper farewell gift. So I made him a chip bowl. I know, so not appropriate. But I thought it was funny. Heck, I work in a middle school. I giggle when the gal that supervises the gym at lunch time says “it’s time to put away your balls.”

It was easy and yes, even my kids helped me. We just bought some unders and put them over a bowl. Then we soaked them with liquid starch and let them dry. We soaked them a couple of times to make sure they were good and stiff.

What do you think? Pretty appropriate for a middle school PE teacher, right???

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  1. Hilarious!

  2. Oh my! How funny! I love these! I don’t have time to make them for Father’s Day but I will save them for his birthday. These are genius!

  3. This is Great! The coach must have gotten such a kick out of it. You are super creative!

  4. Wow, too funny! Hope the coach had a good sense of humor.

  5. OH MY GAWWWWSH! HYSTERICAL! YOU are an evil ceative genious! I bet if you mod podged them really well after the starch coats you could damp wipe them out if necessary! WAY TOO COOL! So glad I saw this on C.R.A.F.T.

  6. OMG – HILARIOUS! This just totally cracks me up! Good job!!!

  7. That is hilarious!

  8. I don’t know how I missed this post. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time.

  9. That is wonderful, even as a party favor for boys birthday. Love it!!

  10. Awesome!!! Gonna have to copy for sure! 🙂 LOVE IT!

  11. WAAAAYYY cute!

  12. So funny! I love it! (Visiting from JDaniel’s Mom)
    All your Valentine’s Day stuff was so cute, decided to browse other things!

  13. Perfect!!!

  14. Love the bowl. I have the pleasure of working with teachers at all grade levels across the country, and yes, it is VERY appropriate for a middle school teacher!

  15. Ok, I almost wet my “unders” when I read about “put away your balls” that made me giggle so loud at my desk. I am so 12! (not!) I am so glad I found you today, better late than never! thanks for a great laugh and I am looking forward to following you!

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious and I’m going to do this for April Fools, because our last name is HAYNES.

  17. Too funny! I love it. You could fill it will gum balls and say “something to hold your balls in one place”. HAHAHAHAHA!!

  18. Love this idea!! What type of underwear did you use, plain old briefs, boxer briefs…? Also what size underwear did you use?

    • We just used plain white briefs and same size as the bowl. So if you’re using a big bowl, use big underwear. If you’re using a small bowl, use small underwear. =o)


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