A Rainbow of Colors for Breakfast

My kids and I watch a craft show every Saturday morning called Donna’s Day. Have you heard of it? It’s fantastic. She does crafts and recips and all sorts of great things for you to do with your kids. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are for the more Martha Stewart Mom’s out there that can make an indoor water fountain out of styrofoam and plaster of paris. I’m not that kind of Mom. But it gives us lots of ideas and inspires us to be creative. Oh… did I mention it’s on at 6:30am! Yep, sadly, we’re up by then.
So we were watching it on Saturday and she said she was going to make colorful pancakes. My kids and I were excited to see another way to make a fun breakfast. (See our other pancake post here.) She ended up making regular pancakes and put fruit on them. Ummm… fruit?! Seriously. It was a great let down. Not just because I’m not a huge fruit eater but because I was expecting greatness. My fault, I guess. So… we decided to make our own colorful pancakes. These were much more fun (at least to us!)
So we made pancake mix. Yes, we use a mix. I’m not ashamed to say it. And then divided it into smaller bowls and used food coloring to color the batter.
Then we got creative =o) I made a heart in the “regular” batter first.

Then I filled it in with the pink batter.

Flip it and here’s what you get…
We made all kinds of combinations. The color contrast was definitely the best when using the regular “white” batter and a color. But it was fun. We made initials for my kids, hearts, polka dots and smily faces.
My kids loved the polka dots.

We always make a bunch of pancakes and freeze them. It’s super easy. Just lay them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then put them in a large zip lock bag and put back into the freezer. Yep, it’s that easy. Then when you want them just place a few on a plate and microwave. It’s great on school days when my kids want pancakes but we don’t have a lot of time. And much cheaper than buying the store bought pancakes!
Have fun making your own rainbow in the morning!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your patience and creativity never cease to amaze me! How do you do it??????

    Great job as always!


  2. That looks like so much fun! I will have to try that the next time I make pancakes…which isn’t often b/c going to ihop is so much easier. 🙂

  3. now those were too cool….adding colour to them was a great idea…and shhhh I use mix too…
    thanks for sharing!

  4. You are amazing! These are the cutest things! What a great idea. Your kids must have had so much fun making them. Another fun thing for me to do with my nieces:)

    You mean you haven’t built a fountain out of styrofoam..lol

    Thanks again for all of your kind comments and the award. I am so happy you liked the cookies. I cannot believe you made so many. Do you ever sleep?..lol.

  5. Love your new layout, Erin. Your blog looks fantastic. I like the polka dot pancakes too. What a fun way to start the day.

  6. Good thinking….never tinted my batter before! My kids would eat this up…literally! Thanks for sharing at It’s Party Time Thursday@PonyTails&FishScales!

  7. Hi You’ve got a great blog and I think you’d be interested in mine. I’d love it if you’d link up to my Tot Tuesdays party- a linky party dedicated to all things toddler: http://www.mydeliciousambiguity.com/ Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday! Come back and visit us again today! These look so yummy and fun to eat!

  9. yay im so excited I found your blog! All your activities are great. i’m signing up so i dont miss a thing! 🙂 And I LOVE your watermelon beetle!