S’Mores Stuffed Brownies

When I saw this post over at Picky Palate I knew it was a recipe I had to try. I love s’mores and I love brownies! What better than to smash the two together?! Seriously. These S’more Stuffed Brownies are incredible! And I don’t mean, “huh, those are good” incredible. I mean “holy heck, these rock!” incredible!
What you will need:
* 1 box of brownie mix
* ingredients needed to make the brownies
* 16 large marshmallows
* chocolate bars
* graham crackers

What to do:

* Make the brownie mix according to the package.
* Pour half of the batter in a 9 x 9 pan that you lined with tin foil and sprayed with non-stick spray. (This makes them easier to remove… seriously)!
* Cover the batter with graham crackers.
* Cover the graham crackers with the chocolate bars. (Get creative here if you would like. I made another batch using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead. Delish!)
* Cover with marshmallows. (I used the big marshmallows but next time I make these, and there will definitely be a next time, I will use the mini marshamllows and see how that works.)

* Now pour the remaining brownie batter over the top.

* Bake at 350 degrees for 40 – 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out fairly clean.

* Let cool completely! (This is important. I was a little too eager and tried to cut them while they were still a little warm. It was messy! But still delicious!) =o)
Now go grab a glass of ice cold milk and enjoy!
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  1. Looks amazingly yummy!!!!! Do you deliver samples? 😉

  2. These seriously look good! Jenny is dangerous with her yummy concoctions isn’t she!! I so want one of these!

  3. As soon as our weather cools down, I am making these! It combines two of my favorites, brownies and s’mores! I can hardly wait. Thanks for the great recipe. I’m visiting with uttad, hope you visit me too!

  4. Those look awesome!!!! I’m going to try the peanut butter cup version (my favorite!)

  5. so going to go and buy the ingredients tomorrow to make these!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Serious drooling going on here!

  7. Oh my goodness! These look incredible and easy too which I love. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe and the great instruction. Will definitely make these:)

  8. Looks fantastic, Erin. Nice and gooey. I’m in the mood for chocolate after all the berries I’ve been eating.

  9. OMGosh, I cannot believe how yummy these look Ü I will defintely be trying this. Thanks for the recipe. I lovvvvve chocolate ÿ

  10. This looks amazing and it is only breakfast time – looks like a good breakfast snack to me! Shame on me! Yum. I want to make these this week for family.

  11. Oh I have to try this! YUM!

  12. These look soooooo good. I will be making these for the kiddos. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Oh dear…now you’ve made me want dessert so badly, and it’s only 10 am! Thank you SO much for stopping by and commenting on my awards post. What you said was so sweet, and I appreciate it very much!

    Gonna’ go find something sweet to eat now. I’ll pretend it’s after lunch 🙂

    Ten Talents…

  14. OMG! I think I just gained a few pounds looking at these!! Delish!

  15. can’t talk… must make these now!

  16. wow, is an absolute understatement!!!
    those look incredible!!! I wish i had one right now!!

  17. I like that idea 🙂 Yum!

  18. Oh goodness. Pure sinfulness.

  19. Now those look amazing!

  20. Wow, oh wow! You have no idea how much my kids will like these! LOL I make pretty awesome “chocolate overload” brownies, and they love them, but they LOVE smores!!

    Thanks for linking up for Tasty Tuesday! 🙂

  21. I LOVE s’mores!!! And these look TASTY!! Thanks for sharing!


  22. Wow! I am so hungry now…I’ll definitely have to try these!

  23. Chocolate Overload brownies….let’s see. Very simple actually…I also use the box brownie mix, usually Duncan Hines dark chocolate. I add a little bit of chocolate pudding to the mix, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Mix it all into the batter, bake as directed. I usually pull mine out a bit early to keep them soft…..then when they cool, I add chocolate frosting! My kids love them!

  24. oh my…these sound amazing! I am gonna try the reeses version. Thanks so much for linking to my recipe hop.

  25. I think I need a glass of milk after reading this post. Looks very tasty! I’m a new follower! I came from Tempt Us Tuesdays. 🙂

  26. That is so perfect for summer 🙂 love it! Visiting you from Tasty Tuesdays!

  27. These look so good! I’ve been obsessed with s’mores this summer, and this is feeding that obsession, literally. ;o) I can’t wait to try out this recipe!

  28. Oh My that looks so good!!!

  29. I think I’m drooling right now….this has got to be chocolatey delicious!
    Thanks for linking up to It’s Party Time Thursday@PonyTails&FishScales!

  30. That really looks amazing!! My family loves smores…I mean right who doesn’t right? I will defiantly be making this treat sometime soon.
    I am stopping in from Just for the JOY of it!! I’d you to come and visit me….I also have a giveaway going on……Happy Thursday!

  31. You’ve done it again! Super! Thanks for joining Tuesday Tastes, People’s Choice Award polls open at noon. Come vote for your favorite recipe!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  32. I totally did a test kitch awhile back where I tried to cook a smore into a ‘smore bun’ – never did work! LOL This looks like it would be much more successful! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  33. Oh my my my.

  34. This look wonderful! Thanks for showing us the step by step so we know what to look for.

  35. Pretty please come link this up to Fab Friday. I’m totally making these for small group next time I host!
    Heather @ http://www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

  36. I am definitely going to try this recipe, I love s’mores so much! Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday! Come back next week,


  37. Oh my! YUM!!! Must try these! Thanks for sharing, I’m a new follower!

  38. Thanks again for posting, we decided that you were our favorite post from last week and we are going to feature you tomorrow on Sister Sister Sunday. Please come by and check it out!


  39. WOW! These look Yummy!
    Thank you for sharing!

  40. Are you kidding? My pants won’t fit me now after just reading that recipe…still totally trying it-yum!

  41. Just a note…. I keep thinking about those S’mores, I just had to come back and follow your blog!
    Have a good night!

  42. Yum!

    (The Picky Palate link did not work, but I assume this is it? http://picky-palate.com/ )

  43. OH wow! Those look so delicious! We aren’t huge brownie fans around here, but that might just convert us.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


  44. I absolutely LOVE all things smores and these look amazing! Can’t wait to give em a try!

  45. These look delicious and fun to eat! I’m sure my kids will love them. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m having the very first GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please stop by to submit an entry. Good Luck.

  46. Hi, I’m new to your blog, I saw this post on Sweets for a Saturday and wanted to say hi! S’mores are one of my favorite summer treats, though I may be trying to make these soon to get myself out of a winter funk! Nothing perks me up like chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow!

  47. If this is a Picky Palate recipe, then I know it must be one indulgent treat. I love s’mores and the brownies look fantastic. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets for a Saturday.

  48. Oh my good lord! I am feeling the sugar overload here! Dec-uh-dent!

  49. These look sooooo GREAT! I found you at Sweet as Sugar!

  50. these sound awesome oh so yummy

  51. Thanks for posting these yummy treats at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

    Look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂 Don’t forget to grab a button!

  52. I made something similar to these last fall. My boys loved them! Thanks for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends last week. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll share this week! Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes