Super Secret Spy Day

My son is totally into anything Spy. We have watched The Spy Next Door about 20 times and everytime he absolutely cracks up. We check out spy books and watch spy movies and he just can’t get enough. So I decided we needed a Super Secret Spy day of our own. So we invited some friends over and had a blast!

The first thing we did was decode secret messages. Everyone wrote messages on plain white paper with a white crayon. We all wrote a message to each other so we would have something to put in our books when we were finished.

Then we took markers and “scribbled” (as my daughter said) all over the paper. You can use paint as well but it wouldn’t dry as quickly, so we used markers.

I wrote secret spy messages like “the candy on the refrigerator is purple” and weird things liek that. I told them it was spy language. So we all came up with our own spy language for things. “Mama Goose needs watering” was me saying I needed a drink of water.


And viola! The secret message appeared! (This is my message from my daughter.) =o)

Then we fingerprinted everyone. This part was messy but tons of fun. I got a stamp pad (any ink pad will do) and fingerprinted each of the kids. We did this multiple times so everyone would have everyone’s fingerprints in their books.

Here came the messy part! Now we took more fingerprints but this time we did it a little different. We used a piece of sand paper and a pencil. We rubbed the pencil on the sandpaper to make a dust of lead. You put one finger in the lead and then put the finger onto a piece of large tape. The fingerprint transfers onto the tape.

Then put the tape onto a piece of paper.

Do this for each child in each book.

Then everyone got out their magnifying glasses (found at the Dollar Tree) and had to identify the fingerprints on the tape. It was so cool. We talked about how everyone had a different and unique fingerprint. They all got to see the different patterns and designs. They were amazed.

When they identified the fingerprint they wrote that person’s name on the paper like this…
I bound the papers together with a book binding machine but staples would work too.
I think everyone had fun. It was a little messy but worth it! Everyone went home with their Super Secret Spy books and talked for days about fingerprints.
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  1. what is it with boys and spying? my little guy (he’s 6) is into it too! grandma bought him a spy kit the other day and we spent some time writing secret coded messages. i really like your ideas! especially the fingerprint stuff! thanks for this!

  2. What a super fun day you had! I greatly admire the memories you make with your kids!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love the fingerprint activity!

    I’m passing along the Versatile Bloggers Award to you because I love following your blog.

  4. This is so cool! It would also make a great birthday party idea! Love the fingerprints and the secret messages…sound like so much fun!

  5. We did a spy party once, too! We made the birthday cake the decoder ring!

  6. Oh man! Can I be your kid??? What a fun idea! My dream job is to be a forensic detective and I think this would be so much fun…even at my age (36)!

  7. My son has been wanting a “SPY” party. I have been looking all over for ideas. I LOVED your ideas and blog. I love spending time with my kids. Thanks for the ideas. Sometimes it is so easy to just get the everyday chores done…….your ideas make me want to stop and enjoy being a mother. THANKS!!!

  8. it looks like the kids had so much fun whith these spy activities. My boys would love doing stuff like this. By the way, congrats on your 100th followers. The M&M’s sure look delicious. I didn’t know they were coming out with new flavors, yum!

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