Halloween Decorations {On A Budget}

When we were driving home from school this week we noticed some of the neighbors had put up their Halloween decorations. Yeah! That gives us the green light to get to the decorating! (I hate to be the first person in the neighborhood with holiday decorations up.) Is that weird?

We don’t do a ton (mostly because of the money involved) so when I saw this cute (and darn near free) idea on this site I knew we had to make them. Cheap and cute? That’s my kind of combination. (In crafts, of course.)

They were super easy to make. I just googled “bat clipart” and found a cute bat I liked. I printed it out in two different sizes and then traced them onto black poster board paper. I went to the local store in town and for a huge sheet it was 63 cents. Nice!

I went ahead and laminated them because I didn’t want the rain to ruin them. (I have a laminating machine at my work {shhhhh} but you can just use contact paper.)

Then we stapled them to the door frame. Yes, I know, stapled? I didn’t know how to make them stay so I used my do-everything tool, my staple gun. I love that thing!

I think they look pretty cute.

We also made these.

I LOVE these!!!!

I saw them over on this website and commented on how cute they were. Maria was so cool. She emailed me and asked if I was interested in buying the kit. Ummm, yes please! So she mailed me all the blocks and letters and even the wire for the pumpkin for only $10. Seriously! So we got to work.

Cody and Ellie started painting!

After the paint dried I sanded the blocks and pumpkin. This stressed me out a little since the thought of sanding perfectly painted blocks confused my brain. But it made them look so cool. (See, this is how much I paint things.)

Then we glued on all the cute letters that Maria sent me.

Finally, I (well, not me, my daughter) applied a thin layer of mod modge over the letters and the blocks to make it look a little more finished. And this was the end result.

Pretty darn cute for $10! (Thanks Maria!!!)

Happy Halloween! And have fun decorating!!!

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  1. Cute stuff! Love the bats!

  2. Cute- and I love that you used your school’s laminater:) haha…all teachers are guilty of that!!
    annnndddd….. I have a blog award for you!!! http://katray.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-award.html


  3. Hi, you won my sunglasses giveaway!! Email me and I will let them know you won and they will email you a gift certificate!!

    Crabbymomofthree at comcast dot net

  4. OH my gosh! LOVE that pumpkin/Halloween sign! So precious!

  5. Your decorations are awesome, Erin. I love the cobwebs and spiders on the front porch. You really know how to get into the spirit of it!.

  6. Frightfully fun and festive! La

  7. Cute bats & I love the “Pumpkins” blocks!

  8. So enjoyed browsing your blog tonight neighbor!

  9. These are so cute and I love that it’s a project the kids can help with…and that it was so inexpensive to put together. 🙂

  10. Darling bats! TFS!

  11. Way cute! You gotta love inexpensive decorating and the best thing about laminating is that you can keep them for next year! I bet your kids loved helping you with all your decorations. Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing at Brag Fest and I hope you keep linking up every Friday!

  12. Fantastic decoration.Owning the different props that one sees in the films can give anyone a sense of wonder when it comes to decorating home.

  13. Very cute! Thanks for linking back to my blog 🙂 I just put up more bats this weekend. I love this project!