It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s almost here! It’s almost here! I can’t wait. This is truly my most favorite time of year. I LOVE Christmas time! I love Christmas movies. Yes, even the sappy ones and the cartoons. Even though I have seen them a million times, I still cry at the ending. I love all the decorations and the music. I love the spirit that Christmas holds. It’s the time of year when kids can believe in magic.

Now that my ankle is finally feeling better and I can get around (even though it’s in a big, giant, clumsy boot!) I can get our house decorated and start in all the festivities. Thanks to some great friends of mine who helped out with my tree, the kids and I decorated up a storm this past weekend. We don’t do it too fancy. Heck, they are still 5 and 7 so covering the dinner table with china isn’t really a good idea yet. But our house looks festive and I love it!
I’ve been collecting Santas for years now. I think I have a pretty great collection. I even have some from Mexico, Prague and Russia!

And because the “big” Christmas tree is in the living room (where we don’t go all that often) we decided last year to buy a small tree as well. This one is in the family room so we can see it all day and enjoy the lights.

Enjoy the season. Believe in magic and the spirit of giving. Believe in good and kindness and caring. Believe!

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  1. My mom collects Santa’s too. It is exciting to see them all again each year.

  2. That Santa collection is incredible. What a beautiful little setup to have for the holidays.

  3. Your house is all set! I haven’t decorated at all yet:( I know what you mean about the movies…I watched the Hallmark special the other night(November Christmas)and was already crying 20 minutes into the movie:)

  4. Your Santa collections is wonderful, Erin, and you display your treasures so beautifully in your home. I’m so happy you are getting around better.

  5. I love Christmas too. I love to sit and look at my Christmas tree when it is lit up at night. It makes me feel so happy.

    I love your Santa collection. What a great thing to collect. You have some really beautiful and unique ones:)