A Fun, Healthy Snack

I have a little thing about vampires. I was about to write “I’m embarrassed to say” but I’m not. What the heck. I’m obsessed. I said it. Seriously, I am. It all started with the Twilight books and has gone a little out of control since. =o) If you need to know a good book series to read – I’m your gal. Maybe I should narrow that down a little – a good, vampire book series =o)

So I thought these snacks were totally cute. And my kids giggled when they saw them. They know I love vampire books. When they see a picture of a vampire in a magazine or on TV they say “hey Mom, look, a vampire!” Of course then they giggle. I should be embarrassed by that shouldn’t I? Hmm. I’m not. So they loved these snacks too.

They are super simple to make. I used my crinkle cut cutter to cut the apples.
Then I smeared peanut butter on both sides and put a little dab to hold on the raisins for the eyes. The fangs are just little pieces of apple. I could have used slivered almonds but my kids don’t eat slivered almonds. I would much rather not go buy something my kids wouldn’t eat and use what I have. Right?

A healthy treat the kids will love. (And Mom loves them too!)
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  1. Darling idea! I make apple smiles for my grandkids – made them for their parents when they were growing up, and use marshmallows for teeth, but you added a special touch and it’s so darn cute! Love all you do here…keep up the great creative work!

  2. I absolutely loved reading the Twilight series. I read all books too. There is something so intriguing about books like that to me. Have you read the Vampire Chronicles by Ann Rice? I cannot remember how many books there are in the series but they are really good. I read them years ago.

    Love your vampire snack. I love the combo of PB and apples and it looks so darn cute:)

  3. I love the Twilight series as well. Monkey, my youngest, will be a vampire this halloween because he bites us all the time.

    Great way to “play with food”…

    If you have a moment this weekend please link up to Creative Juice! {Entries close Sunday night}…

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  4. Love it! How cute is that. My nine year old is a totally into the vampire thing (ok so am I.) I can’t wait to make it for her!! You are so creative!!

  5. Now that is really cute! 🙂

  6. haha! This is super cute, course my kids would probably be a bit on the scared side so maybe bunnies for us!!

    Found you on Tidymom, hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. That is so cute and not at all complicated (I could actually do this)! Nothing wrong with loving vampires. I used to have a thing for them too back when Dracula and Interview with a Vampire were big. Thanks for swinging by and leaving me a comment!

  8. So cute and creative! I’m getting hungry as we speak (love PB and apples). Thanksbfor linking hope to see more of your projects :)!


  9. How cute! My kids will love these, too. And what a play on Twilight if you were to use a red apple!! So fun 😀

  10. haaa…this looks fun and cute!

  11. Super cute! Those are still the sort of snacks I make for….um….myself….oops. Now if you can just work on some cute vegetables for me, maybe I can confince myself to eat them!

  12. Very Cute! And healthy too! Win, Win!

  13. So creative! Bet the kids just love them.

  14. I love these! I make them for my kids for snack! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!