Chocolate Chip Cookies Valentine’d Up

My daughter’s request for Valentine’s Day was sugar cookies. My son’s? Chocolate chip cookies. Not very Valentiney sounding right? Well, if only my children’s requests were simple =o) No way, not in our house. His actual request was “chocolate chip cookies with red dough shaped like hearts.” When I just stared at him he then added “yeah, you can do it. Then you can put it on your blog.” Do my kids know me or what???

So we made chocolate chip cookie dough. I used the Toll House Recipe on the back of the bag. I always thought it was my favorite but now I’m looking for another one. I still think it tastes great but after a couple of days they don’t taste fresh anymore. Maybe because I use butter??? I want chewy (not hard) and delicious. Any suggestions???

I added red food coloring and then scooped the cookie dough onto my silpat. (Please no comments on how yucky looking it looks. But that means it’s seasoned, right???) That’s what I keep telling myself.

When they were done I let them cool for about 3 minutes and then used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them out. Viola! Chocolate chip cookies with red dough shaped like hearts. =o)

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  1. Here’s a recipe to try: I like the idea of cutting them out — lends itself to all sorts of holidays where you wouldn’t normally picture choc chip cookies. =)

  2. Hahhahaha….awesome post. Wonderful job on these cookies.

  3. Hi. Those look so great! I’ve never tried the food coloring,but now I’m thinking St. Patrick’s Day (green sounds fun,huh?)…the kids will get a kick out of green cookies! 🙂
    I’m a soft-gooey cookie lover too, and I always use the recipe on the Crisco baking sticks. They are always soft and yummy!

  4. This is my go to recipe for delicious thick chewy cookies:

  5. How fun and cute. What lucky kids you have. Love this idea. I have to bring a treat to the preschool party and this sounds perfect. Thanks.

  6. I was actually JUST given a heart shaped cookie pan (ideal for whoopie pies). I put choc chip cookie dough in it for my daughter’s preschool class…I just didn’t have the time or energy to do sugar cookies.

  7. Oh, quite clever to use a cookie cutter!

  8. These look perfect for Valentine’s Day. I never can resist a chocolate chip cookie!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. That is so cute!! Love how you used the cookie cutter, never would have thought that:)

  10. As usual…perfect!! Love your ideas. Just featured your Valentine Pop Cans! Super cute.

  11. I think cookies taste funny the very next day. I have started to leave out a few to eat and then freeze snack baggies with two cookies for lunch boxes and sandwich baggies with enough for the whole family for other treats. Then I just pull them out of the freezer whenever we have a craving. It doesn’t take long to thaw and in a real pinch you can microwave them for about 12 seconds. Enjoy! Love the heart shapes!

  12. Cute, cute idea!! I love soft cookies too. I use the Toll House recipe too but I use margerine, and cut it in half. I get fluffy and soft cookies…yumm I think we shall make some red chocochip cookies tomorrow 😉

  13. Perfect…chocolate chip and red!

  14. These are great, perfect for Valentine’s Day! That is so cute that your kids thought of these for your Your son looks so happy sitting in the chair like a little king eating his cookie:)

    My family loves the Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies. They are a really thin cookie but full of flavor. Your mom has them on her blog.

  15. I think they turned out really cute. It’s hard to shape drop cookies.

  16. Gorgeous treats for Valentine’s day – perfect combination with the chocolate and red food colouring.

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day ! These cookies look so yummy.

  18. I have no idea what you are talking about. Who has cookies sitting around past midnight on the day you bake them?? not me! LOL

    The toll house one, tweaked just a tad is my favorite, but I also like the various other ones floating around. My grandma makes fat little biscuit-like choc chip cookies. yummy!