Where Did The Time Go? Let’s Celebrate!

My baby is turning 6 today. SIX! Where did the time go???

Wasn’t it just yesterday that she looked like this?

It’s gone by so quickly!

I had all these great plans to make all these great party favors for her birthday party. Well, life happened and here we are. The only thing I successfully accomplished (besides planning the party) was making these candy necklaces for her little guests.

I saw them on the Family Fun website a month or so ago and thought the girls would love them. And they are really easy to make.

Measure out a piece of Saran Wrap. Make sure it’s long enough to be a necklace! Then place little candies along one edge. We chose to use Hershey Kisses (because that’s what I had in the house). =o)

Next, roll the candy in the plastic wrap and make a “snake”.

Tie pieces of ribbon between each piece of candy.

And tie the ends together!

And voila! There you have it!

My first couple were with an expensive light pink ribbon I bought. But I didn’t think it was colorful enough so we got out the curling ribbon and used bright pink and purple. My daughter thought this was much better.

She’s being goofy…

Happy birthday Ellie Cakes!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ellie, she was a cutie pie baby, and is just as adorable as a six year old. Those necklaces are darling. Hope you have a wonderful day sweety!!

    Come say hi sometime, I miss ya! Bella Before and After , and if you want to win an Avocado Painting, come enter myGIVEAWAY HERE, I really appreciate the support.

    Bella 🙂

  2. You always have such cute ideas! Love the candy kisses in the plastic wraps!

  3. What a darling idea! I will certainly have to do this with my granddaughters! Our babies grow so quickly huh? Happy Birthday to Ellie. The pictures are soo sweet. I love your simple ideas and am so thankful you continue to share!

  4. Happy birthday!!! What a cute little craft!

  5. The last six years have flown by. It looks like Ellie is very happy with her candy necklaces. Adorable pictures.

  6. We made these a few Valentines ago – for teachers and Grandparents 🙂 They loved them!

  7. What a cutie! Happy Birthday to your little princess 🙂 She looks so happy with those necklaces.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Happy Birthday to your adorable and sweet little girl! Where does the time go? My baby will turn 7 in just a couple weeks. CRAZY!! Love the necklace idea. So cute. I may have to use it for our party!! Thanks!

  9. How sweet! Love that necklace too, I wouldn’t have made it very far!!

  10. You have some great ideas on your blog : )

  11. What a fun idea. This would be great for so many different things…class parties, party favors, holidays…just about everything. Thanks for sharing.

    I would love if you would share this on our linky party:

  12. I made these necklaces before too. Love them. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Yep, it goes by so fast!

  13. AWWW! Time goes by TOO fast! What an adorable sweetie! Happy Birthday to her!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

  14. I remember making these as a kids. So fun!

    Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Fridays at SunScholars.blogspot.com

  15. Oh she was such a cute baby! They do grow up way too fast. It is almost like they become new people that you love but you miss the baby and toddler too. I love the necklaces, super great idea. The girls must have been thrilled.

  16. Such a cute and tasty idea for a lei.