Easter Egg Hunt Cookies (filled with goodness!)

I don’t even need to tell you why I made these, right? I mean, look at them. How could they not be delicious? They have all the right ingredients: cookie, Cadbury Cream Egg, frosting and M&Ms. I’m drooling just typing that.

They were pretty easy to make and I can’t thank Katrina enough for posting these. I seriously love her blog and all it’s yumminess!

· 2 ½ cups flour
· 1 teaspoon baking soda
· 1 teaspoon salt
· 1 cup Crisco (I used 1/2 cup Crisco and 1/2 cup butter)
· ¾ cup white sugar
· ¾ cup brown sugar
· 1 teaspoon vanilla
· 2 large eggs
· 24 mini Cadbury Eggs
· Green frosting
· Jelly beans or M&Ms
1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Cream Crisco/butter, white and brown sugars, and vanilla in the bowl of your mixer. Add eggs one at a time.
3. In a separate bowl combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Gradually add flour mixture to wet ingredients. The dough will start to pull away from the bowl of the mixer.
4. Using about a tablespoon of dough wrap a mini Cadbury egg so it is completely covered. Place the cookie inside a greased mini muffin tin.

5. Bake at 350 for about 9 minutes or until golden. ***IMPORTANT*** Let the cookies cool in the pan for about 10-12 minutes until you can “twist” it out. Using your fingertips gently try to twist the cookie to remove it. If the cookie seems too soft like it will break apart wait 2 minutes and try again. If your muffin tin is greased the cookie will lift out whole after about 10-12 minutes. But do not let your cookie cool completely in the tin or it may adhere itself to the pan and then you will have to scrape it out.

6. Let cookies cool completely, top with frosting and jelly beans or M&Ms.

I have a friend who doesn’t like the Cadbury Cream Eggs. I know! That’s like swearing in church – it’s just wrong. So for her I made some with the mini Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Do everything the same (duh) but make sure there is more of the cookie dough on the bottom because the caramel will melt through and stick to the pan.

What do you think? And if you are wondering if the taste as totally delicious and heavenly as they look, the answer is a giant heck yes! They are awesome!

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  1. Oh my word! How pretty are these cookies! Too bad we don’t get cream eggs where I live 🙁 I would love to try this… Thanks so much for sharing though 🙂 Maybe I can substitute…

  2. Bookmarked it!

  3. Wow. I can feel the toothache!! But they look awesome!!

  4. Very cute!

  5. Oh – I am so glad you showed the pic of it cut open at the end!! I was wondering what it would be like to bite into one of these!! I used to LOVE those Cadberry Creme Eggs when I was a kid. I have since grown out of that phase (thank goodness or I would be 500lbs by now) but I happen to know 3 little rugrats who haven’t! They will love these!! Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday.

    Oh, and if you haven’t done so already – don’t forget to pop on over to Little Brick Ranch to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! I’ll give you a hint…Homes, Food, and all things Frugal!!

  6. YUM!!!!!

    I’m featuring this on my blog today!


  7. Amazing idea! I’ve been thinking of what to make to share on my blog, and I just may have to share this cool idea. SO glad you shared another easy and cute recipe. Baskets full of thanks! =)

  8. these look absolutely DEVINE! I think i shall try making them this weekend!

  9. OMGoodness!! These DO look amazing. I will definitely be bookmarking these and making them when my kids are home for spring break!

  10. this is goodness on top of goodness on top of goodness! very creative and very, VERY delicious. 🙂

  11. Wow! Talk about amazing!! Easter candy is the best and you have used it to create brilliance!! My kids would love these and so would I.

  12. Oh yum! All of my favorite Easter treats in one!

  13. What a wonderful treat. I am bookmarking this…I think I could actually get it to look cute (I am dangerous with frosting…)

  14. SO cute and yummy!

  15. those looks so cute and yummy! Coming from foodie Friday…http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simple-Home-Life/108770815871867?sk=wall I have a link aprty aswell if you’d like to link these up

  16. Sorry wrong link…this is the right one Simply Creations Link Party

  17. Adorable and irresistible.

  18. I’m so happy you made these! Thanks for linking back up to me. Yours look so pretty 🙂 ♥- Katrina

  19. I would hunt for these any day!

    I’d love to have you share this recipe on my weekly link up, Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you there. http://alli-n-son.com/2011/04/07/jelly-bean-cookies/

  20. Holy moly…those look amazing!! I would totally love the caramel filled ones! Can you pretty please overnight me some?! 😉

  21. Isn’t Katrina crazy? Crazy good and creative, I mean. Love these little goodies but can’t decide if my family will hate me if I make them – nobody will be able to resist ’em.

  22. These look soooo good!

  23. You had me at “Cadbury creme egg”.
    These are adorable!

  24. I love the overhead shot…so pretty! I can’t believe how many taste treats there are in one cookie~YUM!

  25. i am officially making these for easter. loves it. brilliant.

  26. These are adorable! I’m your newest follower, I love all your ideas! I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    Warm Wishes,


  27. These are so creative! I absolutley adore them.

  28. These are great! So creative!

  29. Bookmarked! I cannot wait to make these, what a perfect Easter cookie. I’ve never seen these before. Love ’em!

  30. They are like little treasure basket with lots of goodies! How cute!!!

  31. WHAT a yummy treat!!!! my family would LOVE them!
    Thanks for linking up to I’m Lovin’ It Amy!! I featured your post in my wrap up! http://tidymom.net/2011/easter-treats/ Happy Saturday!

  32. These look yummy!

    I’d love to have you stop by and link up for my new Blog Party.
    Make & Share
    Friday – Saturday .)

    ~ Christy

  33. Oh my goodness: how did I never think of this? I adore Creme Eggs…

  34. How cute and scrumptious looking! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to feature this on my blog.

  35. Oh…..my…..gosh…..I….can’t….even….stand….it. My computer is about to explode. These look delicious…and cadberry eggs? I’m sort of like their #1 fan!!!!

  36. My OH MY!

    YUM!…That is one SWEET “basket o’ love”

    Thanks for sharing.

  37. oh my yumminess! They look so yummy! I want one!

  38. Hi there I am a new follower and love your blog
    OMG is that a full size cadbury egg?
    Stop by any time.

  39. Oh my goodness Erin! Not only are these adorable, they look incredible. I love Cadbury Eggs, but I like the idea for the caramel egg too.

  40. OMG…this looks so cute! I sure all kids love this Cadbury eggs 🙂

  41. yum! Those look amazing!

  42. They look totally adorable!

  43. um… wow. Talk about sweet! 🙂

  44. Oh my word! These look deadly…but super yummy!!

  45. WOW! Those look deadly dealicious! OMG! Thank you for sharing the recipe!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

  46. Oh my gosh! What a decadent Easter treat. I just love your ideas.

  47. SOOOOOOOO DARN CUTE, AND CREATIVE! sharing this on my CraftOManiac FB page. winks- jen

  48. Adorable!

  49. OMG!…I could eat 1/2 dozen, these are not only beautiful, they look delish!

  50. I think these would be perfect for our Incredible Edible Egg Dishes… this week!

    We are hosting an “EGG DISH” recipe linky party caleld THIS WEEK’S CRAVINGS and would love for you to bring over this GREAT recipe!


  51. Dropped in from This week’s Cravings. What a cute and fun treat to make with my daughter!

  52. These little treats look so festive and yummy! I love the idea of the surpise in the bottom. Thanks for sharing!

  53. YUMMMM

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  55. Sugar overload!! Seriously, I’m drooling over here. Thanks for linking up to my Marvelous Mess party!!!! 🙂

  56. Those look way yummy!


  57. Oh my those look so incredibly bad. In a real good way of course. I was wondering, do you think a packaged cookie mix could be used to wrap the candy in. I ask because I’m not into baking with all that mixing, etc. I like it easy as I can make it. Thanks so much.

  58. These actually look so phenomenal! I love the way that when you cut into it there is a surprise inside. YUMMMMM!

  59. They are charming to look at and sound delicious to eat!!

  60. Thanks everyone. You all say “sugar overload” like it’s a bad thing =o)

    Patsy – I would think a store bought cookie dough would work just fine.

    And if you don’t like the Cadbury Eggs, fill them with anything. We put Hershey Kisses in some!

    And NO – they are not full sized Cadbury Eggs. Holy Smokes. But now that has me thinking……

  61. I highlighted these yummy cookies on my little blog at http://wadelmat.blogspot.com/
    Thanks! Mari

  62. yum!!! those look SOOOO yummy! My husbands favorite candies are the ones you included in the recipe… I think this may become his new favorite cookie!

  63. I’m already thinking of other things to add in the cookies, you’ll be featured in next weeks Make & Share.

  64. OMG! I think I just found by new favorite blog! lol I love love love kid recipes! So cute! I just posted a recipe for deviled egg chicks…you would probably love the idea. I offer a recipe link up every Tuesday and a craft link up every Wednesday. I would love for you to stop by and share some of your ideas! I am now a follower!

  65. Love it!! Looks so cute and good!


  66. How adorable is that? Your kids must be LOVING all the Easter treats your making this year!

  67. Oh my goodness, those look insanely delicious! I’ll take an order to go please! lol Thanks for linking up this week. I featured this recipe on my blog today. 🙂 xoxo

  68. So cute.. .and OOOOOHHH, look so yummy!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party! I appreciate you stopping by. I will be posting this week’s link party shortly. I’d love to see what you have to share this week!

    Hope to see you soon!
    :)rachel @ http://SunScholars.blogspot.com

  69. Oh my word Erin! These look AMAZING! I will definitely be linking you up on my blog again today because the Cadbury eggs are my absolute FAVORITE candy! I can’t wait to try these!

    P.S. I made your Millionaire Nuggets and they are officially my husbands new favorite treat that I’ve made! 😀 They were delicious!

  70. oh these are so cute!!!! what a great project!!!!

  71. Those are awesome and I will have to do that sometime this week- thanks for sharing 😉

  72. These are precious! I’ll have to make them for next Easter. I found your blog through Sweet Tooth Friday

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  74. Wow! This looks and must taste amazing!

  75. I love the Easter stuff. These look especially yummy!

  76. I love these! Too cute! Please share your recipe with our readers by linking up at Muffin Monday! Thanks!

  77. Oh my goodness! These are both gorgeous and surprising (I love the egg inside). Thanks for linking up! – http://www.delightfulcountrycookin.com

  78. Erin – wanted you to know I’m posting the link to your super duper Easter Egg Hunt cookies at my blog on Thursday this week! Wish I had time to make them myself – they are adorable!

  79. they look great!! I make cookie cups all the time for hubby and his friends, but thanks for the easter idea! We usally just fill ours with chocolate chips and let them melt 🙂 These look great!

  80. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower. Found you on This Week’s Cravings! http://eatingmywayback.blogspot.com

  81. Erin, you are just on a roll girl. Love these cookie nests, obviously, what is there not to love. Thanks again for showing us another wonderful treat.

    I loved it so much I FEATURED you, I hope it puts a smile on your face.

    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

    **Features from week #32** @ Bella Before and After
    Also I would LOVE to invite you to check out my new PINTEREST BOARDS let me know what you think!!
    Thanks girl 🙂


  82. Absolutely Sinful!! Love it!

  83. I have been salivating for these ever since I saw them a week or more ago! But I can’t find the mini eggs anywhere! I’ve checked Wal-Mart, Target and Kroger. Where did you get yours?!
    huffalupagus at aol dot com

  84. Thank You! We made them with Cadburry eggs, caramel eggs, and peanut butter eggs and they were ALL soooo delicious!!!

  85. What a great idea! I hope to make these this Easter

  86. These look like so much fun!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Can these be made in advance and frozen??

  88. Anonymous says:

    I made these and they are wonderful!! The only thing was that 1 Tablespoon was too much, as they overflowed and I had to cook longer which then caused the eggs to melt a little. However, they were still delicious and next time I will use just under a tablespoon 🙂

  89. Rosemary C says:

    Are these made in a mini muffin tin or regular?

  90. These are adorable.Definitely going on our todo list.

  91. Wow these are really cute and look like they taste good also…

  92. These look so good!Thank you for another great recipe.I will have to try these cupcakes for Easter.

  93. Sadly my cookies turned into an expensive mess. A tablespoon was way too much and they spread so far out that there was no way of getting them out of the pan without breaking them and therefore turning it into mush. Such a cute idea though.

  94. Very cute, I want to make them


  95. Those are so much fun! Noted for next year.

    slehan at juno dot com

  96. They look awesome, so soo cute & delicious! Pinned 🙂 !

  97. Debbie ghent says:

    Very cute idea and very yummy.


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