We Just Want To Espresso Our Thanks

Here’s another great Teacher Appreciation gift idea. We can’t just do one thing. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week for heaven’s sake =o) And I thought this one was perfect! (Did you check out our candy gram idea too?) We also did this one for the secretaries at my kid’s school for Secretaries Day (yesterday). We can’t forget about the great office staff who work so hard!

I stole this idea from here. (Go check out this blog because it has a TON of great and absolutely adorable ideas!)

You can do this as expensive or inexpensive as you want depending on the amount on the gift card and the types of chocolate/candy/stuffing you chose.

I chose Dutch Bros. because they are everywhere around here and I love their hot chocolate. Get a gift card and ask for a cup and lid. They will give you the cups and lids for free! We used the small cups because I didn’t want to get crazy with the filling =o) (I’m on a budget.)

Fill the cups with whatever you want. We chose chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate, right?!?!

Add the gift card.

Put on the lid and wrap in a cute cellophane bags. Doesn’t everything look fancier wrapped in a cellophane bag?!

We made a simple tag using this cute coffee saying (clever, right?) and tied a ribbon on it.

And that’s it – simple! and super cute.

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  1. what a cute idea! thanks for sharing. Im sure everyone loved them!

  2. Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. New follower here.

    VERY cute blog! Especially love all the recipes. I am officially retiring my two-piece 🙂


  4. Cute idea. Teachers will love them!

  5. Another great idea!!!!

  6. That is cute! This former teacher would have loved getting one of those. Very thoughtful indeed.

  7. You and your gifts are just too cute this week!

  8. Very cute! Our teacher appreciation week is next week so thanks for the idea!

  9. This is such an awesome idea in every way! So creative and clever!

    Visiting by way of the party at Sugar Bananas.


  10. You’ve got some great teacher ideas! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Very cute and creative. I shall forward this to my sister. She is always looking for ways to thank the teachers at her sons’ school!

  12. What great ideas! You come up with the best stuff! Thanks for remembering your school secretaries too 🙂

  13. Very cute. I am gonna use this. No need to wait on that casserole. Eat it..

  14. Such a great idea! Lucky teachers!

  15. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I made mine slightly differently, but still essentially your idea, so I linked to your post in mine. I hope that’s cool with you.


  16. Such a great innovative idea. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.