A Salty Sweet Bite of Deliciousness

Mickey over at Monster Mama calls this Texas Chicken Brittle. But that name scares me =o) I’m not sure what I would want to call it but let me tell you – it’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s a whole lot of yum. Look at the ingredients, how could it not taste delicious? But maybe the thought of chocolate covered Fritos scares you. Don’t let it. Try it. Your kids (and you) will love it!

* Fritos
* Pretzels
* Cashews (or any kind of nut)
* Milk chocolate
* White Chocolate
* mini M&Ms

  1. Line a large cookie sheet with a thin layer of Fritos.
  2. Sprinkle broken pretzels over the top.
  3. Drizzle melted chocolate over the top. (I will shake it up a little bit at this point next time I make these. And yes, there will be a next time!
  4. Sprinkle with cashews.
  5. Drizzle melted white chocolate over the top.
  6. Sprinkle with M&Ms.
  7. Let cool so the chocolate can harden.
  8. Break into pieces and enjoy!
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  1. Interesting combination! I bet everyone loved these!

  2. yum!! i love the sweet/salty combo 🙂


  3. Made me laugh. We call it Texas Brittle but I added chicken to the name for my seven sisters. We affectionately call each other “chickens”. You know…”Listen to those chickens cackling” so sister food always gets a chicken name attached 🙂

  4. Oh boy, I could easily dive into a pan of those. Talk about salty sweet success.

  5. Mickey – that makes so much more sense! The chicken part scared me =o) Too funny!!!

  6. Chocolate covered fritos are so addicting. Sounds weird but it is amazing. I love this mix. May need to run to the store for the ingredients right now.. thanks.

  7. Yum, I am going to have to make this soon.

  8. You have some delicious recipes on your blog! I’m a big fan of the sweet and salty combo-I must make this soon.

  9. Oh my goodness! This sounds fabulous! Would have a hard time selling it to my family if it was called ‘chicken brittle’ though :p I adore sweet and salty combos and this sounds like an easy & delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing, Erin!

  10. Wow!! This is my kind of treat sweet and salty all the way. It sounds great. I will definitely have to make this. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Absolutely the best of the best!!

  12. Sweet and salty…..yum yum! My kind of dessert. It looks simple enough to make. I think I can do it. I happen to have everything in this recipe….can’t wait to try it later!

  13. I love the title. 😉 This looks a great treat….especially with the Fritos up in there.

  14. Oh my, this looks so yummy! I am sitting here feeling hungry! Now I’ll need to go raid the kitchen.

  15. Really addictive!!!

  16. That sounds delicious! I am making this today to take to my friends house:o) Thanks for sharing this at my Summer Fun Fest Party!

  17. YUM! I’m going to put this on my Father’s Day dessert table! Thanks, Sheryl

  18. oh wow! SO amazing, want some now!! Come over and link up to my tasty Tuesday party! http://nap-timecreations.blogspot.com/2011/05/papas-mac-and-cheese-and-tasty-tuesday.html

  19. Diabetes Nachos!! This looks awesome!!

  20. How fun! My 6 year old just came by to look at the screen, and said – Mom, can we make that!

  21. Wow, that is a whole lot of deliciousness right there! love all the salty things covered in sweet stuff, great!

  22. Oh, boy, I don’t think I could stop if I started eating this yummy concoction!

  23. How fun! Not scary to me at all! There is so much sweet and salty to devour! Yum! : )

  24. I love weird and different stuff like this! my son would love making this with me!

  25. It looks like a giant cookie and that can’t be bad.

  26. The Fritos are very interesting in this dish. My husband absolutely loves Fritos so I’d love to make this for him.

  27. Adriana G says:

    That Looks Delicious. im going to try this