The Pokemon Birthday Party Has Arrived

After all the prep, the birthday party has finally arrived. Invitations went out, goody bags were made, and finally the big day arrived. Here’s what the filled goody bags looked like.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to have these events at my work (school). I love it. I don’t have to worry about my house not being big enough or how clean it is =o). And the kids can run and run and we don’t have to worry about weather. That’s an issue out here in the Northwest. June can either be hot as heck or rainy and chilly.

We started the party with everyone painting their own Pokeball. Messy? A little. But fun? You bet.

We played Pokemon Bingo (which we called Pichu). I found a great website where you can print out these great Bingo cards in different designs/themes. And thank goodness they had Pokemon! Perfect! We used Skittles as the markers and the kids got to take home the bag of leftover Skittles in their goody bags.

We also played pin the tail on Pikachu. I drew a big Pikachu and printed out tails.

Then we had some “Pokemon food”.

This isn’t very “Pokemon-y” but how could a bunch of 8 year old boys be in a school gym and not have a dodgeball tournament? Not possible.

I think this is one happy boy! (I’m not quite sure about his sister.) =o)

That’s a lot of Pokemon! But I think everyone had a great time. My son said it was awesome. So, totally worth it!

I’m linking to the linky parties on my sidebar.

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  1. such a great party!

  2. That looks like one FANTASTIC party!!!! Great job on everything.

  3. Cute ideas- looks like a great time was had by all the kids!

  4. Now this looks like a fun party! Love all your pokemon details!

  5. Looks like a great time! And now you can relax!! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the hash brown quiche – made my day since I love your recipes 🙂

  6. My kids love A.C. Gilbet’s. That’s an amazing party!

  7. You did such a fabulous job Erin! I bet he loved every minute of it!

  8. What a fun looking party!

  9. Looks so fun!

  10. You are one great party planner, Erin. Looks like the kids had a wonderful time. I was so sorry I missed it.

  11. AMAZING!!My sister saw this and wants you to put on Pokemon party for her son!! Thanks for doing all the work and sharing it with us. What a fun party!!

  12. What a great kickoff summer event! That’s definitely a happy birthday boy!

  13. Looks like all the kids were having fun. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  14. That looks like one very happy birthday boy! You are such a great mom. What a wonderful party. My son would have loved this at that age:)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Just stopping by to let you know that I featured your homemade super bouncy balls. What a fun idea. I can’t wait to give it a try with my kids!

  16. What fantastic memories! Fun for everyone! You can feel the love… Great job, Mom!

  17. I loved pokemon as a kid (and I still think they’re pretty cute!). This party looks awesome

  18. Ohh what an amazing little son is into Pokemon and he loves everything about it..I might just do that for his 5th B day too…you did fantastic boy looks very happy!!!!

  19. So fun!! What a great pary, I am sure he was thrilled. How are you going to top it next year 🙂

  20. That looks like the most amazing birthday party.. YOU rock as a mom… heehee my birthday is Wednesday… Pokemon anyone!?
    Take care,

  21. What a well designed party!! Good job! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m enjoying your blog too! 🙂

  22. What a great party. Excellent job with the theme. 🙂

  23. looks like they had a ball. Very creative ideas.

  24. This is so cute, we have a few pokemon fans at our house as well. Great idea and great deals! Thanks so much for sharing.
    🙂 Michelle

  25. Thank you, thank you! Loved all your ideas! My daughter loves Pokemon and we are planning her party!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I totally wish I had a mom like you!
    When I have kids I hope I’m a mom like you! 😀

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wow, great party ideas, thank you for sharing! I found this site that has a nice Pokemon Bingo game and wordsearch:

  28. helenmelon says:

    Iam so glad i found your blog!! My son is obsessed with pokemon and wants to celebrate his 6th B-day with a Pokemon theme. I love the fact that you made a lot of it. The goody bag is especially genius! thanks.

  29. Great blog and photos. Pokemon kids birthday parties are obviously popular as we have invites to two in the next month. Next week however it is a reptile party for the childrens party.
    All the best

  30. Do you have a link to print off the signs for the food(s)?


    It’s all awesome!

    • I don’t Sarah, sorry. It didn’t even occur to me at the time that anyone else would like these. I’m such a dork.

  31. how did you make those cool goody bags?

    • Amy, they were pretty easy, but a little time consuming. I spray painted white paper bags with red paint. Then added a black line with a thick marker (or a strip of black paper) and some circles I cut out. Aren’t they fun?!?!

  32. Can you tell me where to find the printables for the food cards? Thank you!

    • I made them and at the time, it didn’t occur to me to have them as printables. Sorry about that.

  33. Where can I get the download for printable food signs?
    Thank you!!!

    • Sadly I didn’t save any of the signs. Sorry about that. I had no idea they would be such a huge hit.

  34. Wendy simpson says:

    Where did you get your food tents from


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