Pumpkin Carving: I Wish I Could Do That

Happy Halloween
If I had a ton of free time and wasn’t working and raising two kids on my own, I would take a pumpkin carving class. Do they have those??? Well, they should. Because if they did I would take them and do amazing things like these.

Spider Man
This one’s great!
Totally cool eye
This is absolutely amazing!
Smile Face
Winnie the Pooh
Super cool, right?  We will be sticking with the basic triangle eyes, nose and a mouth.  =o)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. It’s absolutely amazing what people can do with a plain old pumpkin! Love the zipper faced one. Can’t wait to see our little goblins all dressed up to trick or treat.

  2. Some of those are really cool! This year my daughter carved a Kabuki face and I carved a silly face.

    Both came from this site: http://www.paperpumpkins.com/

  3. Oh my gosh, those are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Sure wish I had just a fraction of that talent. With grown kids now I just line the yard with small pumpkins….no more carving here. 🙁

  4. Now those were some really cool pumpkins! I wish I had some artistic ability!

  5. What an amazing line-up of pumpkin carving skills!