Soap Explosion

Happy 2012!  I can’t believe the year is over and here we are.  It’s pretty cliche to say “it goes by so fast”.  But seriously… it does!  We brought in the new year in style.  We all have strep throat so we partied with our anti-biotics and watched a movie.  =o)  We did run out to get sushi, though.  I just love that my kids will eat sushi with me.  Can’t get them to eat a casserole – but sushi they will do.  Go figure!You’re totally not going to believe this. I didn’t when I first read about it over on Toys in the Dryer. I ran out immediately to buy some Ivory soap because it sounded so cool.

WOW!!!!  So much fun!
We went to the store and bought some Ivory soap bars.  They were $1.74 for 4 bars.  Not too bad.
Then we cut one bar into 4 pieces and placed one of the pieces on a paper towel and placed it in the microwave.  We set the timer for 3 minutes but it really only took less than a minute for this awesome “thing” to happen.
I asked the kids what they thought was going to happen.  All three (we had a neighbor friend over) all agreed that the soap would turn to liquid…
The anticipation was almost too much!
Nope, no liquid!  It started to expand and became HUGE!  I can’t even begin to describe how cool this is!
It shrinks a little when you turn off the microwave.  And it’s not too hot so kids can touch it.  It’ll harden a little as it cools so they can break off pieces and use them in the bath or to wash their hands.
NOTE: Lindsi over at Toys in the Dryer warns to NOT put a whole bar of soap in your microwave at once.  it gets way too big and will fill your microwave.  Which would be a bad thing, right?  My kids and I were seriously debating about doing it anyways.  But we went with the warning =o)
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  1. Looks like a blast! Will have to give it a try. Happy Healthy New Year!

  2. Okay I read this and ran right downstairs where I had some ivory soap stashed for another project. We cut a sliver and popped it right in the microwave. Wow, Super cool!! The kids want to keep doing it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. that is the bees knees!

  4. Oh awesome So have to do this!
    Off to Pin it so I don’t forget it!

  5. I’m kind of a rebel, so I’m totally doing a whole bar. I will let you know how it turns out. Although we just had to replace our microwave, so my husband might not like this plan. The kids are gonna love this.

  6. Wow! That sounds incredible! I think I’ll have to try it! It might be fun to put it in a container and let it “fluff” into new shapes. Hmmm….

    Happy New Year!


  7. Yay! We’re so glad to see you tried this! Thanks for posting about your experience with Ivory Soap Explosions! Looks like you made a super memory!

  8. that looks so fun!! totally doing this tomorrow with my kids. we have extra bars of ivory from my soap felting for christmas gifts extravaganza. my kids will love this!!

  9. how did you get that egg formed like a car? I love your site. I must join!

  10. love the soap idea! Also just have to ask but do you at all remember where you got your daughter’s shirt? We have a Boston so I am always on the look out for stuff 😉

  11. I’ve heard of this before. Looks like fun! Glad I read your warning about not using the whole bar. Yikes!

  12. This is so cool! I’m guessing my 29 year old son might still like to try this!

  13. Very cool! Sorry you all had strep throat, but it sounds like you all still made the most of it!! Hope everyone is well!!

  14. ahahahah I discovered this fun thing when I tried to make my own soap…unfortunately no one said to me that soap don’t liquify but growns! ahahahah
    anyway, I LOVE your blog!! full of crafty and awesome ideas, even I don’t have children!! 😀 😀 I became ur follower!! :):)
    visit my blog, I would be glad if u would like to follow me too! 🙂

    kisses from Italy and keep going on ur way, u’re cool!!

  15. Jen Shafer says:

    I am totally going to do this with Max while I’m home! Awesome 🙂

  16. How neat! I love finding cool stuff like this, even though I don’t have kids just yet!

  17. How cool! Thanks for visiting me and for your nice words. Warmest New Year wishes to you & your family 🙂

  18. Awesome! Looks like so much fun! Happy New Year! Funny about the sushi…lol

  19. totally awesome – this is right up my kiddos alley! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by via Blue Cricket.

  20. I’m marching soap over to my sister’s house as soon as I type this (she has a microwave!) How fun!!!!

  21. It is Charles’ Law in action. Fun stuff. I hope you followed through with a science lesson. Yes, I am a science teacher. Great website, by the way.

  22. Wow, very cool! Cant wait to try this. Thanks for dropping by and introducing me to your blog. 🙂

  23. I’m not sure if it would be a good idea for me to show my boys this activity…it sounds like so much fun, but I’m afraid they might get ideas about microwaving everything to see what happens! (Boys! At what age exactly does the brain kick in?)

    Thanks for sharing at Shindig Saturday. We might have to try this for a Snow Day sometime. Then when it gets out of hand, I’ll just send them outside for a brain freeze!

  24. This is really, really COOL!!! would like to invite you to link this up on Sharing Saturday

    Have a Happy Day!!


  25. THis is sooooo cool! I am totally going to try this. I can hear my kiddos giggles now! Aren’t you a fun Mom!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

  26. Totally cool! Little Crafter would be fascinated. Thanks for sharing at shine on Fridays!

  27. So CRAZY! I’m going to try this tomorrow with my boys! I’ve used Ivory my whole life, so we have a couple of bars just lyin’ there waiting for this!

  28. This is AWESOME! Got to get some Ivory!! I’ve featured this at the newest Craftastic Link Party. Thanks for being a loyal linker:)

  29. Coming over from Sew Can Do…. Oh!!! We ARE GOING to try this!!! I only wish I had seen this post earlier I was at Walmart today… 🙁 Oh well it’s bookmarked.. 🙂

  30. This looks like SOOOO much fun! My kids would go nuts over this! Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday! Hope to see you again this week 🙂

  31. Pinned it! Thanks!

  32. How fun, thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  33. Love. it. So darn cute! Thanks for linking up your project! Please come back again tomorrow and link up another one or two if you can!

  34. Went to the store for some Ivory and just got done microwaving it. So neat! My nephews will enjoy this. Thanks!

  35. Will it work with any soap or does it have to be Ivory? JW, thanks!

  36. Looks so much fun! Just shared it on our Fun Finds Friday…

  37. Hi! I found your blog via The Weekly Round-up at It’s a Blog Party! This is definitely the sorta thing I love to see… creative, frugal, fun and no mess! Great post, you’ve got a new fan!

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Has to be ivory 🙂 We tried it with some white soap that I didn’t have the packaging for and it smoked up the kitchen. My bad!

  40. This blog also has a recipe to make the leftover microwaved ivory into fluffy bath paints. In case you’re super cheap like me.

    I’m sure there are other versions too.


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