"Egg-spect the Best" Brunch with Egglands Best Eggs & a Giveaway

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times… my kids and I LOVE eggs. We do. And we eat a TON of them. So when I was contacted by Egglands best to do a review of their eggs (and a giveaway) I was thrilled. And not just a review. This is the mother of all reviews! My mission… to create a delicious brunch menu using Egglands Best eggs. Easy peasy!
Did you know that every egg stamped with the little red EB is guaranteed to be fresher and more nutritious than generic eggs? They have 10 times more vitamin E, nearly 3 times more vitamin D, and double the amount of omega-3s.  That is important for me when I have picky eaters at home.  I constantly worry about getting them vitamins and protein.  Thank goodness my kids love eggs!
It wasn’t difficult coming up with an array of amazing egg recipes.  So come join us at our “Eggs-pect the Best” brunch from Egglands Best Eggs.
We started our brunch off with “appetizers”.  And what better appetizers are there than deviled eggs?  But not just any deviled eggs.  We made BLT Deviled Eggs.

And another pickled (and totally colorful) egg – Pickled Eggs and Beets.

We had so many amazing dished at our brunch.  Are you ready for them all?

Asparagus Salad with Lemon and Feta (we had to throw in a veggie) =o) 

And we can’t finish an amazing meal without having an amazing dessert.  Cream Puffs filled with custard and fresh strawberries.

Where to find them:  You can find them on the web at www.egglandsbest.com or on Facebook.
A huge thank you to Egglands Best for sending us this wonderful prize package.  And now one of you can win it too!
Giveaway includes:
* 2 free EB dozen coupons (any variety, classic, cage free or organic)
* 1 free EB hard cooked and peeled variety
* 1 EB apron
* 1 EB spatula
* 1 EB whisk
* 1 EB cutting board
* 1 EB mixing bowl
* 1 EB bowl scraper
* 1 EB mug
* 1 EB tote bag
* plush egg toy
I know, right!  So enter on the rafflecopter below and good luck!
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  1. We LOVE eggs…just had them for breakfast in a skillet with ham, hashbrowns, and green peppers!

  2. egg sandwiches are my daughter’s favorite food ever. even better than pizza. And Egglands best is the next best thing to a freshly laid egg. So yummy!

  3. I use eggs all the time. This is an awesome giveaway!!

  4. oh that is a lot of eggy goodness!

  5. I have eggs boiling right now! Ha!

  6. Had hard boiled eggs this morning! and gonna try some of those recipes…yum!!

  7. I love making scrambled eggs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Love eggs! Over easy!

  9. I LOVE poached eggs. So good!

  10. We have scrambled eggs for breakfast almost every day, and I buy them in the 18 pack we use so many in cooking. We also love deviled eggs.

  11. My favorite is egg salad.

  12. I love custard!

  13. We are a family of egg eaters, for sure. I love to make a quick egg salad sandwich – just eggs and mayo on toasted bread – reminds me of childhood lunches!

  14. I am a simple egg eater over easy with toast and ketchup so that I can mix the ketchup with the egg yolk and dip the toast in the mixture this is totally yumm to me

  15. Awesome giveaway!
    Our family of 4 LOVES eggs! We have them all different ways for breakfast, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, I use them in many different dishes…but my favorite way to use them is for French toast. To me, the eggs make all the difference and it’s just so yummy! Thank you for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  16. I like eggs, I don’t mind them. My little boys couldn’t even care less about them….so we use them for baking and when I make breaded chicken.

  17. I love egg white sandwiches with cheese!

  18. Jennifer says:

    My family loves eggs…We will eat them anyway you can fix them. We have laying hens so we get fresh eggs on a daily basis.

  19. We like eggs, but don’t use them a ton. My favorite recipe is a ham, egg and cheese breakfast casserole. Yum!

  20. We eat LOTS of eggs – hubby eats low carb much of the time and eggs are always easy. Our favorite egg dish is my special egg salad with cream cheese!

  21. I like using eggs in cookies and cakes, but love your egg in a cup too!
    krystlekouture at yahoo dot com

  22. I bacon, egg and chees sandwiches

  23. The breakfast pizza sounds great! It all does of course but I’ve never made a breakfast pizza before!

  24. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the egg in a cup? I can’t find it on their website

  25. I love omelettes!!

  26. I love them scrambled with some cheese (haha, I almost wrote TEAS ??!! haha NO!), tomatoes and fresh spinach!
    Ok, now I’m hungry! 😉

  27. I like eating them over easy with cheese.

  28. we love eggs and eat them a lot in a lot of ways, no particular style or recipe is a hands-down favorite

  29. love them as denver omelets

  30. carol roberts says:

    love chessys eggs bacon love eggs

  31. I could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  32. We love Eggland’s Best Brown Eggs – Yum! Our fav is poached 🙂

  33. We eat tons of eggs! My kids love quiche so I make an Italian Spinach Pie and a Broccoli Pie that are egg-based.

  34. It’s like a scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese and hashbrowns casserole…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  35. I’m an egg eater. I love scrambled eggs!

  36. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Scrambled eggs with cheese 🙂
    Thank you!
    Suchaproudmama @ yahoo.com

  37. I love egg lightly cooked on both sides and then eaten with pesto and avocado slices!

  38. I LOVE some deviled eggs!

  39. Yes we eat eggs all the time…scrambled, breakfast wraps, breakfast casseroles etc.

  40. we love to make ‘EGG OCEAN”

  41. making german pancakes with them or as dipper eggs

  42. yes. i have an egg white omelet every day (need lots of protein)

  43. We eat lots of eggs.
    One of our favorites is scrambled eggs with cheese with chili and sour cream on top.