Magic Banana Trick

Magic banana? Yep, magic banana. Well, magic banana trick maybe. I guess the banana itself isn’t magic.  Or maybe it is.  Either way, your kids will think you are magic!
Are you ready???  Your going to give your kids bananas and say “abracadabra” and then poof – their banana will be already sliced inside the peel.  Yep, inside the peel!
This is super fun!
Take a banana (in the peel) and a straight pin.
Poke the pin into the banana in one of the “seams” and drag the pin/needle back and forth inside the banana peel to slice the banana.
Continue to do this every inch or so to slice the entire banana.
Our banana was super ripe so it made these little brown marks on the peel but my daughter didn’t really notice.
Now do the whole abracadabra thing and have them peel it.
My daughter was completely confused how the banana was sliced and still in the peel.
I had a hard time taking pictures.  But can you see the banana slices?
Simple and tons of fun!  Wouldn’t this be fun in a school lunch?  I think it would be the talk of the lunch table =o)
See?  Magic!
I’m linking to the parties on my sidebar.

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  1. this brought back a great childhood memory, erin. i remember learning this trick from ZOOM on pbs!



  2. This is SOO fun and it made me giggle! Love this idea. I’m here to ask you to come over to my blog to pick up the “Super Sweet Blogging Award”…cause you do so many sweet things for your sweet children…and inspire the rest of us. Rock on Mama Erin!

  3. My son will LOVE this. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. You post the coolest ideas & recipes, Erin! AAA! I so am doing this for my nephew. He’s gonna love it.

  6. We love bananas at my house too, as evident by one of our latest posts! I’m your newest follower and hope you will follow us back. Found you from TGIF linky!
    Be blessed,
    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  7. What fun! Thanks for sharing this cute idea.

  8. fun tip thanks for sharing

  9. My kids LOVE this trick. I have them tap the banana as many times as there are pieces inside and have them say magic words. I don’t think any of them have ever figured it out. 🙂

  10. That’s such a cool trick, definitely going to save that one for a rainy day. 🙂

  11. How cool!! I love this 🙂 and the smile she had is just priceless!

  12. This is so clever!

  13. I must try this with my daughter! She will have so much fun trying to figure out how I did it!

  14. Haha! That is awesome. I am definitely going to try it with my girls. They love bananas. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you at True Aim.

  15. What a great idea, I know my kid would love that! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  17. I think that is the most clever thing ever!!! Cool Trick!