Another Turkey Cookie for Thanksgiving

So what do you think?  Have we been doing it up, Thanksgiving style?  (Maybe not if you’re a grown up.  But we don’t really have one of those in our house.)  =o)  But my kids have loved all the fun treats we’ve made so far.  We tried our first Turkey Cookie.  Then we sugar-ed it up a little and made another Turkey Cookie.  Here’s version three.
We found two great turkey cookie recipes that were similar.  Pinterest had one version.  It wasn’t linked to a page, unfortunately, so I can’t give someone credit.  Then Betty Crocker did their version with chocolate frosting all over the cookie.  I liked both, but for me, covered in chocolate frosting was the clincher.  I mean seriously!  Chocolate frosting!
The kids had so much fun making these.  We had some friends over and went to my school for a day of crafts and fun.  This was the perfect “craft” for them.
We lined up all of our supplies:
* sugar cookies
* chocolate frosting
* candy corn
* orange cookie frosting
* M&Ms
* candy eyes
And then they all went to work.  There was some serious concentrating going on here.
And lots of snacking.
They were pretty proud of their creations.
And super excited to eat them.  They kept asking “are you done taking pictures yet?”
They turned out pretty cool we thought.
Of course my favorite to eat was the one covered in chocolate frosting =o)
My daughter (who doesn’t like chocolate) was so proud of her turkeys.  What do you think?
She said they were alien turkeys =o)
I can harldy believe Thanksgiving is almost here!  Yikes!
I’m linking to the parties on my sidebar.
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  1. How super cute did these turn out?!!

  2. Cute!

  3. These are just adorable, Erin! I stink at decorating cookies, but even I could make these 🙂

  4. These are sooo cute and the kiddos looked like they had so much fun. I love the candy corn feathers too. Thanks for linking it up to Sugar & Slice link party. I hope you’ll be back next week too.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  5. How cute! I love your daughters.

  6. Those are super cute and festive cookies for Thanksgiving.

  7. I think we will just eat cute cookie turkeys for Thanksgiving.
    Have a wonderful holiday–thanks for all your fun ideas!

  8. Oh, these are cute too! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  9. I’ve never seen cookies like this. Very much fun.

  10. These turkey cookies are so cute. Looks like the kids here had alot of fun decorating them. I know my grandson would like doing this. I also found part 2 turkey cookies on your site to so I checked it out Gobble Gobble : )