Greetings From the North Pole – via USPS

Who doesn’t love getting mail? I know I do.  And I know my friends and family do.  And how about this fun idea to send in the mail?  Yes, in the mail!

We had so much fun sending our Easter Eggs through the mail.  Then we mailed off some Love From the Oregon Coast.  Well, we just couldn’t stop at there.  And it is Christmas time, after all.  How about this idea?
And they were so simple to make. 
* empty 2 liter soda bottle (with lid)
* candy or anything to fill them
* scissors
* packing tape
Cut the top of the bottle off with a pair of scissors or a knife (parents do this part.)  I forgot to take a picture of this part (I was a little too excited to get these into the mail.)  Cut at the point where the bottle starts to curve.
Wash the bottle and dry thoroughly.
Fill with candy (or toys or any goodies.)
Tape the top part of the lid back on. 
Print out your label.  This one isn’t fantastic but you are more than welcome to use it.  Just right click and save it and print it out.  Write in the address and cut to fit the soda bottle.
Use packing tape to tape the label onto the bottle.  If you position the label at the cut line and then tape the label there, the recipient won’t be able to tell there’s a cut line.  This is always fun when they get it and can’t figure out how you got the candy inside the bottle.  
When you take these to the post office they may give you a funny look.  The woman that was helping me gave me this really weird look and said “really?  You’re mailing them like that?”  I just smiled and said “you bet!”  She weighed them and then said “that’s so cool.”  Totally agreed!
What do you think?

They were around $7 to mail from Oregon to Chicago.  Not too bad.  The smiles will be well worth it!

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  1. I adore this idea! What fun it would be to send/receive such a treat in the mail!

  2. Too cute! Fun too!

  3. Very cute. Thanks for linking up.

  4. What a cute idea!

  5. should have guessed this was your post!! soo creative. thx for linking up to friday food frenzy this week. Have a great xmas.


  6. I am a big fan of sending stuff in the mail! These are awesome! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. What a fun idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  8. Super cute! I’ve been wanting to do the two liter thing, but I didn’t think about filling it with candy for Christmas! Love that!