If I Had Cookie Decorating Talent, This Is What I Would Make

I am not a cookie decorator.  I try, but I inevitably fail. So I decided to enjoy everyone else’s amazing decorated cookies.  If I had any talent, these are the cookies I would have made this holiday season.
Munchkin Munchies Cup O’ Cocoa Cookies
The Baking Sheet’s Reindeer Cookies
Gwen’s Kitchen Creations Gingerbread Snowmen Cookies
Glorious Treats Christmas Cookies
Betcha Can’t Eat Just One’s Snowglobe Cookies
Haniela’s Christmas Gnome Cookies
Klickitat Street’s Latte Cookies      
Lizy B’s Fun Christmas Cookies
And I couldn’t resist.
Sugar Swings! Serve Some’s Super Hero Gingerbread Cookies
Do you now have cookie decorating envy?  I sure do.  BTW – if anyone wants to send me beautifully decorated cookies, I’ll send you my address =o)
We hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!
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  1. oh me too, I would so love them to turn out like that.

  2. I agree 100% I would make all these darling cookies and share them with everyone I knew!

  3. You’re the sweetest!