Letters From Santa (Free Resources)

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.  People could argue why Christmas is important, the “true meaning”.  Some people could argue that it’s other things that make Christmas time special.  I’m not here to argue either.  I just love Christmas.  
I love the feeling Christmas brings.  Whether it’s coming together in Church and celebrating something so much bigger than all of us, or the lights and decorations and festivities.  There is a feeling of hope this time of year.  When people come together and help one another.  A feeling of wonderment in the faces of small children.  And a feeling of warmth and familiarity for those who have traditions in their family that have been passed down for years.  
I love seeing my children’s faces every morning when they look for our Elf, Zachary.  I love when they ask me questions about Santa and how he comes into everyone’s house on the same night.  How they talk to Zachary and tell him about their day.  It makes my heart happy.
I found the absolute coolest thing on the internet the other day.  It’s site that sends letters to children (or adults) from Santa!  Yep, you read that right… FROM SANTA!  The looks on my kid’s faces when they watched their personalized videos was truly something I will never forget.  
The site is Portable North Pole and you have to go check it out.  You will love it!
If you don’t want to send a video, there are letters from Santa out there that are wonderful (and free.)  Here are a few of them.
Easy Free Letters From Santa
(We have a giveaway going on until 12/18 here if you want to win the paid for, deluxe version)
Here are some links to letters that are not free.  They are wonderful!
What child doesn’t want a letter from Santa?!
Have fun!
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  1. Thanks for putting that list together!

  2. Awesome idea Erin for long distance grandparents! Thanks:)

  3. Oh, what a great list to have. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. Gifts and santa letters are always special and therefore they should be best presented so that once down the memory lane when your kid grows up and see the letters he still enjoys it even after understanding the whole concept about Santa.

  5. Children love a personalized letter from Santa and excited to attain this. Through the internet you can find the best company that makes an awesome and wonderful as well as affordable products.

  6. Ginny Shelton says:

    Hello, I have a brand new Grand daughter she was born on 11-23-16 I’d LOVE to send her, Her first letter from Santa! But I don’t see one with the right wording, She hasn’t asked for anything and WAY to so for the naughty/nice list any suggestions?? THANK YOU