Nerf Birthday Party

nerf birthday party

My son’s birthday party was a huge success!  No thanks to the internet and the lack of Nerf food out there in blog land.  But we managed to figure it out and my son (and his friends) had a blast.  (No pun intended.)

We sent out the invitations.

Nerf birthday party invitation

Tiffanee from One Crazy Cookie made our invitations for us.  Aren’t they perfect?  She also made these super cool badges to match.  The idea for the badges came from My Party Passion but there wasn’t a printable so, yeah that I had Tiffanee to help me out.  She is a computer genius!

Nerf birthday party pass

We wrote everyone’s names on them and then laminated them.  Oriental Trading Co. had some inexpensive orange lanyards and crazy blue glasses and voila – Nerf Obstacle Course Passes.

nerf badges and glasses

And it doesn’t end there!  Tiffany also made these adorable water bottle labels.

nerf water bottles

So we just had to come up with some fun Nerf foods.  (More difficult than you would think.)  So we made some Twinkie Nerf Darts.

twinkie nerf darts

We made some Nerf cupcakes also.

nerf dart cupcakes

We made simple cupcakes but colored the batter blue.  Then filled them with orange frosting and covered them with yellow frosting and a Nerf dart.

nerf birthday cupcakes

We put out other orange food: carrots and dip, cheese balls, Goldfish and cantaloupe.  Well, perhaps not the most healthy, but the kids didn’t complain.

nerf party food

Party time!

nerf war

Do you think they had enough Nerf guns?

nerf wars

Everyone had such a good time!  And I can’t thank Tiffanee enough for her creativity and generosity!



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  1. barbara says:

    Why do these pics of kids with these fake guns give me the creeps? Is it because of Sandy Hook?

    • Barbara, why would you even post such a comment? Weren’t you taught that if you can’t say something nice, then you shouldn’t say anything?

      Erin, it looks like you put a lot of thought into creating a fun and personal event for your son. My son would have loved it. I’m sure the kids had a great time. Nice job!

    • Sandi T says:

      Inappropriate! Kids have been playing with fake guns for hundreds of years and to try and connect an innocent fun day for a child to something as horrible as Sandy hook makes you look a person who enjoys drama not to mention its just plain RUDE to the person who wrote this blog. She shared a happy fun day with us and you had to come on here with a stupid comment like that! TACKY!

      I TOTALLY love your party idea and all the awesome things you did to make it a good day for your son and his friends. My 8 year old would love something like this. GOOD JOB MOM! You did awesome!

    • that’s why you teach your kids the difference between real and fake, as well as gun safety.
      Looks like your son had a great party and I think any boy that age would have loved it. Good job coming up with the nurf stuff, now someone can use your idea to throw there kids a fun party!

  2. Burgundy says:

    Barbara, its a kids party. Relax, its not like they are real guns. If you cant’ say something nice your don’t say anything at all

  3. Food looks delicious! And a fun party 🙂

  4. Love it!! Using ideas for my son’s 10th Nerf Party in three weeks!!! Great job!!!! Totally age appropriate and FUN!!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this. My son’s 10th party is in a weeks time and we invited his friends to bring along their Nerf guns…After reading this post I am gona make more of an effort to keep the Nerf theme. My son was drooling over this post. Thanks

  6. I used your idea for my little girls birthday party. Everyone had so much fun. The girls the boys and the adults!

  7. I love the Idea and I am also doing this for my sons 10th birthday…where did you find the water bottle labels?

  8. Looks like a lot of fun…so glad you duplicated my Nerf Passes that I did for my son’s party. I hope they were a huge hit!

  9. Heather Ervin says:

    Just curious about what obstacle course stations you did for the party? I’m doing a party for my son who’s going to be 10 and don’t want it to be to immature for them. I’d lime to incorporate shooting or water in every mission of the obstacles, and not having much luck in finding ideas online. Thank you

    • Heather, I “hired” the PE teacher from my kid’s school to come and run the Nerf games part of the party. They set up big, padded mats all over the gym (I had it at the school where I work) to act as barricades and then did different games.

  10. Love this. How did you make the cupcakes? Can you send recipe. I want to do it with the multiple colors!

    • Hi Jen. I just used a boxed cupcake recipe and colored it with food coloring. Then cut out a “core” and piped in orange frosting and covered with yellow frosting. You could also put a scoop of orange cake batter in the center if you didn’t want it to be frosting.

      They were a huge hit!

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Thanks for the great ideas. My son is having a nerf gun party and I can’t wait to get it all together. We are doing a zombie apocalypse theme. Its been very hard to find fun and not real expansive decorations to shoot at.