Sloppy Joe Intestines

sloppy joe intestines

You’re going to think this is either gross or totally cool.  Or maybe a little bit of both.  Either way, it’s perfect for Halloween!  And my kids thought it was totally grossly cool!  Sloppy Joe Intestines!  Or maybe it’s Sloppy Joe Colon.  But that sounds too gross, even for me.

I found the idea here and changed it up a little.  We used Pillsbury refrigerated bread sticks (in the tube) and sloppy joe filling.  It’s that easy!

Open you can of bread sticks and press 4 breadsticks together (2 wide and 2 long).  Make sure you seal the seems or else your sloppy joe filling will burst out.

Seal the edges so it’s a long tube.  Lay the tubes in your greased 9×9 pan so they look like a pan of intestines.  Not that I know what a pan of intestines look like.  I just guessed.

sloppy joe intestines

With a paint brush, paint on red food coloring for the blood.

my halloween helper

Cook according to the package directions on the bread sticks.

Voila!  Sloppy Joe Intestines!

halloween sloppy joe intestines

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Erin! I believer your kids’s faces said it all! LOL…I’m sure this is a delicious recipe they just had to get “pass” the shape and the thought of what is in a real one!!! oh goodness congratulations dear, intestines and their content is just something I can’t re-create, perhaps I will use this recipe for a different body part Thank You so much for sharing your creativity!

  2. Oh my gosh! “Grossly cool”, I love it!