“50 Blows” Birthday Gift Idea

50 blows birthday gift idea

When I heard that one of my co-workers 50 birthday was quickly approaching, I knew I wanted to do something for her.  Nothing big since we aren’t really friends, but something to acknowledge the big day.   This was perfect.  Simple but fun (and I love that combination!)

I always save leftover plastic containers from things like trail mix and cookies.  They come in handy when I’m trying to throw together a quick gift.  I covered the label with cardstock and then cut out “50 blows” on my Cricut machine.  Fill ‘er with gumballs and there you have it.

50 blows birthday gift idea

Easy peasy!

Another fun birthday gift idea is this idea we did for a co-worker who was turning 30.

We’re linking to the parties found HERE.


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  1. That’s so cute!

  2. We threw a big combination retirement/70th birthday party for my dad this year. We went with a gumball theme, and put “Work Blows, And 70 Hardly Shows!” on everything, including the cake! It was really a cute and easy theme. We decorated with gumballs machines and other containers. Naturally, everyone got gumballs as a party favor. 🙂

  3. What an adorable idea! I love being able to throw something together quickly, and will remember this next time I need a quick surprise. For my hubby’s 40th, I gave him 40 individually wrapped gifts. It was a fun time, but took much more planning and time. I need more ideas like this. Thanks so much.