A Candy Cane Garden from Zachary, Our Elf on the Shelf {Free Printables}

Candy Cane Garden deivered by our Elf on the Shelf

Zachary, our Elf on the Shelf, brought us a fun (and creative) Christmas gift to do.  A Candy Cane Garden.

He brought it to us one night while the kids were sleeping.  There was a bowl (to grow the seeds in), seeds, dirt and even fertilizer.  The bowl was labeled and Zachary was holding the poem with the directions.  My kids were so excited!

Candy Cane Garden with Printables

So fun!

Candy Cane Garden Ingredients

We followed the directions on the poem, made our wishes and put the bowl on the counter to see what would happen.

Candy Can Garden

I think how quickly the seeds grow depends on how much Christmas spirit there is in your house.  It could take one day or even longer.  Zachary wrote my kids a note on day two telling them they needed to get along better if they wanted their seeds to grow.  All the arguing was stunting their growth.  (He, he.)

Then, this is what appeared one morning!

Candy Cane Garden

How fun is that!  And so many smiles.  The magic of Christmas never ceases to amaze me!

kids with eir Candy Cane Garden

Yep, they loved I!

kids and their candy canes

Zachary was nice enough to leave us the tags too so we could share them with you.  Just right click on them and save them to your desk top.  Then print them out on white card stock and you’re good to go.  I mean, have your Elf do this.  (No laughing at my Zachary’s poem writing abilities.  I thought it was cute.)

Candy Cane Garden Poem Printable

And here are the tags for the bags:

Candy Cane Garden Free Printables

Everyone needs a little Christmas magic, right?

We’re linking to the parties found HERE.

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  1. Thank you for the free printables!! They were just what I was looking for