Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard

It’s no secret that I love to send snail mail.  I send out cards at every opportunity.  I just think it’s nice to get something in the mail other than bills.  Right?  But what’s better than a card?  I’m here to tell ya’!  How about getting an Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard in the mail?  Yep, you read that right.  An Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard!

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

We started out the crazy mailing kick with our Mailable Easter Eggs.  Who knew, right?

Mailable Easter Eggs

Then we sent a little bit of Oregon love to some friends and family who lived for away.

Sending some Love from Oregon

But my favorite was when we made our Birthday Cake Postcards!  They were such a hit.  Ever since I’ve been on a hunt for fun things to send in the mail.

Birthday Cake Postcards

Fun, right?  Way better than a regular letter!

And how cute are these Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards?!  I found out how to make them HERE.

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

They are fairly easy to make, just a little time consuming.  But, then again, I guess you don’t have to make 50 of them!

Materials you will need:
– Brown Foam Paper (found at most craft/hobby stores)
– 1 inch Upholstery Foam (found HERE)
– Serrated Knife
– Scissors
– White Paint
– Paint Brush
– Glue Gun
– Sharpie or White Opaque Marker for addressing your postcards)


– Cut 3×6 inch rectangles out of the brown foam paper.  (You can make them larger if you want.  Just make sure they are rectangles.)  I used scissors but an X-acto knife would be good too.  Round the edges.

– “Poke” holes on one side of the brown foam paper.  You just want to dimple the foam, not actually poke holes in it.  These are the dimples on the top piece.  NOTE: I only dimpled the top sheet since I was writing on the bottom sheet, but feel free to do both if you would like.

Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

I used this little dealy thing and it worked great!

Stylus thingy

You want them to look like this:

Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

– Using a serrated knife with a sawing motion, cut a rectangle of 1-inch upholstery foam, slightly smaller than the foam paper rectangles. If you want to round the corners, use a pair of scissors to shape and round the corners of the upholstery foam.  I didn’t do this.  It was too difficult and I think it looks great like it is.

Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

This was my attempt at using a pair of scissors.  It wasn’t good.  A serrated knife works much better and will make a smoother, cleaner cut.

– Paint the sides of the upholstery foam white.

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

You surely don’t have to do this step.  At first it’s hard to even tell the difference.  But I think the finished product is better looking with it painted white.  So I would do this step.

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

– Hot glue the pieces together and there you go – a Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard!

Mailable Ice Cream Sandwich Postcards

– Address the non-dimpled side with the name and address and take it to the post office.  This is the fun part.  They will look at you like you’ve lost your mind.  My post office knows me by now and they don’t say anything other than “oh my gosh, this is so cute!”  But if the person at the counter says anything about not being able to mail it, tell them that they absolutely can mail it, just like it is – no envelope!   I sent some to my family in Chicago (from Oregon) and postage was

I’m so pleased with how they turned out.  I can’t wait to hear my family’s reaction when they open their mailbox and see them inside.



We’re linking to the parties found HERE.

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