Minecraft Valentine’s Day Candy Wrapper with Printable

Minecraft Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Show of hands – who hasn’t heard of Minecraft?  Now, of those of you who hands up, lower your hands if you don’t have children.  How many of you are out there with your hands still up in the air?  I’m guessing not many.  This who Minecraft thing has taken off and kids love it.  My son included!  So when I saw these adorable free printables over on Club Chica Circle I immediately Pinned them and went out and bought a truck load of fun Sweethearts Conversation Heart Boxes.  (My son’s class is huge!)

We just printed out these adorable printables on regular copier paper (not heavy cardstock).  So cute!

Minecraft Valentine's Day Gift Idea with Printable

Cut them out and tape onto the boxes.  Aren’t they perfect?!?!

My son loved them and can’t wait to take them to school.

There’s even Minecraft XL Candy Bar Wrappers to print out.  If XL candy bars weren’t so expensive, we’d make these for all 32 of his classmates.  But maybe just his teacher.

Minecraft Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Candy Bar Wrapper

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  1. What an adorable, genius craft! Love Minecraft, and really love how it has caught on in such a big way.