Valentine’s Day Cookies & Milk

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies and Milk

I’ve decided I’m going to try to learn how to decorate sugar cookies.  If you don’t decorate sugar cookies yourself, you’re probably thinking “what do you mean ‘learn’?”  If you haven’t tried it, you won’t understand.  Because decorating sugar cookies is HARD!  Hard, I tell you.

But… you have to start somewhere.  Right?  So here’s what we started with .  Simple (thank goodness) but still, sheesh.  Getting the royal icing the right consistency, making a straight line, filling it in?  It stressed me out.   Seriously!

I love the cookie cutter.  How fun, right?  That’s what made the cookies.  Because it surely wasn’t my decorating talent.

Valentine's Day Heart Cookies and Milk

Sugar Cookie Hearts and Milk
Cookies and Milk
Well, I get why decorated sugar cookies are so expensive at the bakery.  Seriously.  I need an Advil and this is all I did.

Sugar Cookies and Milk for Valentine's Day

Wish me luck!

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  1. I think it is hard, but yours are so cute. I have that same cookie cutter, new to me last year, but have never broken it out. They are so happy sitting there with the milk. Joni

  2. That is why I embrace the “rustic” look. It is meant to be a little rough around the edges and dare I say center? Maybe if I ever get to the point where my items aren’t rustic enough I’ll start embracing the “chic” part of crafting and cooking.
    You did wonderful with the cookies – ultimately it’s about the time spent with others and the taste – looks never really matter.