Chicken NOT Pie for April Fools Day

April Fools Day Fun Food

I mentioned in my last post for our Faux Deviled Eggs that I love April Fools Day and all the fun food ideas.  Well, here’s another super cute idea.  How about making a Chicken Not Pie for dinner for your kids.  Did you catch that?  Chicken Not Pie.   I know, clever right?  (Or were you thinking I’m a dork for thinking this is so dang clever?  Well, sorry.  I work with middle school students.  After 17 years my brain cells have kind of slowed down a little and my sense of humor has well… regressed a tad.)  So with that… I think this is stinkin’ hilarious!

Don’t they look like little chicken pot pies?  Genius, I say.  Whoever comes up with these great fun food idea should win a Nobel Peace Prize or something.  Right?  Or am I taking it a bit too far?  Nah, just nod your head and agree with me on this one.

Fun Food for April Fools Day

Cut out your pie crust using your pan as a template.  Aren’t these little pie pans adorable?!  You can make your own pie crust but really?  That just takes a lot of time.  Refrigerated pie crust works perfectly.

Pie Crust for Faux Chicken Pot Pies

Ball up aluminum foil for the inside of your pans and then cover with another piece of aluminum foil.  Cover with your pie crust.  This will make your crust into a dome shape like on a real chicken pot pie.  Bake for 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven.

Faux Chicken Pot Pie for April Fools Day

Faux Chicken Pot Pies

Don’t they look like little pies when you take them out of the oven?

Faux Chicken Pot Pies for April Fools Day

After they have completely cooled, remove the crust and set aside.  Mix your pudding (just regular, store bought vanilla pudding) and your “veggies”.  I’m a little obsessed with fun food things (if you haven’t noticed) so when I saw these little bags of Jelly Belly candy peas and carrots, of course I had to buy them.  They were perfect for this recipe!  Of course you could make your own veggies with Starburst candies.  Just shape the green ones into little peas and the orange ones into little square carrot pieces.

Jelly Belly Candy Peas and Carrots

Place the crust back on and voila…. Chicken Not Pie.

 Chicken Not Pie for April Fools Day


Chicken NOT Pie for April Fools Day - Fun Food for Kids

This recipe was originally on Family Fun but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere on the site (big sigh.)  But I did find it on Spoonful.

We’re linking to the parties located HERE.

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  1. This is so clever Erin. Love for you to share it on our weekly #fridayfrenzy party. My bday is April 1 so it has a special place in my heart. Need to get on the tricks though.

  2. It is so fun to surprise my children on April Fool’s Day with crazy food! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so fun…love it!!

  4. i had to click through from pinterest. my husband LOVED this. it looked so real

  5. This is too clever, Erin! My boys would think it’s hilarious, and as much as I love real chicken pot pie, this pudding version looks pretty tasty, too. 🙂

  6. This is the best april fools recipe I have seen yet! Thanks so much for linking this up to the Friday Frenzy!

  7. Ganondox says:

    Shouldn’t it be Not-chicken Pie, not Chicken Not-Pie?