Fun April Fools Day Lunch

It’s April Fools Day!  Yeah!  Happy April Fools Day to you all.  Did you do a prank this morning on your kids?  Maybe your co-workers?  Come one.  It’s not too late.  I woke my kids up this morning and told them it was snowing outside.  Aren’t I mean?  They asked if we had school and I said no, it was a snow day.  I kinda crushed their spirits when I told them “April Fools”.   You should have seen the look on their faces.  It really was kind of funny.

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And then this is how I packed their lunches.  What do you think?  They’ll get a laugh at lunch.

April Fools Day Lunch

What did you do today?


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  1. How cute! The apple juice box also looks like it is smiling. 🙂