Fun Easter Gift in the Mail

Mailable Easter Egg Tube

As soon as I saw these tubes of Easter Eggs at Target I knew I had to buy them.  I’m always looking for fun things to send in the mail and aren’t these perfect?!

Easter Eggs Card/Gift in the Mail

By now the ladies at the local post office know me by the “strange” things I send in the mail.  It’s always a riot when I walk in and they all just look at me like “really?  You’re going to mail that?”  And then, within minutes, everyone in the post office is talking about how fun it would be to receive something like that in the mail.

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This one is easy.  We filled the eggs with Easter candy.

Mailable Easter Egg Gift

Tape the ends with packing tape.

Mailable Easter Egg Gift

That’s it.  Add an address label and take them to the post office.  They weren’t cheap to mail.  They were $10 to send priority mail.  But… so worth it!  I wish I could be there to see my niece and nephew’s faces when they get them.

Mailable Easter Egg Tube

I’m always looking for fun ideas of things to send in the mail.  So if you have any to share, I’d love to hear about them!


I’m linking to the parties located HERE.

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  1. Such a great idea! Saving this for next year! My friends keep having babies and so mailing all those individual eggs is getting crazy-def. sending a tube to the families next year!