How to Scramble an Egg Inside the Shell….. NOT

Exploding Egg in the Shell

Yeah, see how I typed in NOT after the title?  That’s because this was a total flop.  In theory, it was the coolest idea I’ve seen since our How to Separate An Egg Trick.  (If you missed that one, you have to check it out.  It’s pretty cool.)  I tried twice but I just couldn’t get this to work.

I challenge you all to see if you can make this work.  And if you do, you have to let me know!

Take an egg and roll it in a towel or put it inside a long sleeve of a t shirt.  Tie a string around both ends to secure the egg in place.

How to Scramble an Egg in the Shell

How spin the egg around with all your might!  Spin it and then pull the two ends to spin it back the other way.  The directions said to do this 12 times.  Heck, we did it for about 100 times and nope.  I’d like to hear the logistics in this one.  Because my head tells me this isn’t even physically possible to scramble an egg inside the shell by shaking it.  But the video said it was.  And videos are always right, right?  Not!

Well, ours weren’t even close!  They were pretty wonky, but scrambled?  Nope.

Shaken Eggs vs. Regular Eggs

And they all kind of “exploded” when they were boiling.  I think all the shaking cracked the shells.

How to Scramble an Egg in the Shell

Look how weird the egg looks in side the shell.

How to Scramble an Egg in the Shell

Epic fail.  But the kids had fun shaking the heck out of the eggs.

 How to Scramble an Egg in the Shell

I know, right?  My kids wouldn’t even eat them because they looked so wrong.  So tell me…. what did we do wrong?  Or does the whole concept baffle the rest of you too?

Exploding Egg in the Shell

We’re linking to the parties found HERE.

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  1. I saw that video and wondered if that could really work!!!

  2. Erin, did you do the flash light test before you cooked it? Try it with a tube sock or pair of old stockings/tights. Plus, the egg needs to be tightly in place between the two ties. Here are some better instructions:
    Hope you give this another shot. Your kids will love it! And I don’t blame them not wanting to eat the wonky ones… HAHA! Too cute!!

  3. This is so funny! Sorry there were some wasted eggs… but thanks for the giggle 🙂

  4. I think I will stick to scrambling my eggs the ‘old fashioned’ way! lol

  5. steam your eggs instead of boiling, less mess don’t need to worry about cracks and it makes them easier to peel. I use a steam pan insert and steam for 20 mins they come out perfect every time.

  6. Sorry it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, but what fun for the kids! I don’t blame them for eating the crazy looking eggs, haha!

  7. *For NOT eating the eggs 😉