Homework for the Teacher

Isn’t part of the whole gift giving thing getting the person something that they would like?  I mean, I get the whole it’s the thought that counts, but if you give a person a Snickers bar and they’re allergic to peanuts, will they like it?  Sure.  Will they go home and give it to their kids?  Probably.  But what if you gave someone who loved Junior Mints, some Junior Mints?  Better, right?  I learned a long time ago that the thought should actually be a thought, a consideration, a gesture to someone that you were thinking about them, and of them, enough to pay attention to what they actually like.

So how do you know what teachers like?  Do you just make a pencil flower holder and hope for the best?  Buy peanuts and hope they don’t blow up like a balloon from an allergy?  Nah… you give them one of these to fill out at the beginning of the year.


(found HERE).

Adorable, right?  There are a few different one’s out there to print out.  Here are the one’s I found.

 Back to School Teacher Printable

(found HERE)


(found HERE).


(found HERE).


(found HERE).

Aren’t they fun?  Just print one of them out and hand it to your teacher.  Now when you do fun, little gifts, they will be that much more thoughtful.  Right?

Have a great school year!  And if you’re a teacher or work in the schools, thanks for all you do!


What do you do for your teachers?

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  1. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says:

    This is so cute and perfect for my kids to do for their teachers! Thanks for sharing!