DIY iPhone & iPod Speakers


DIY iPhone and iPod Speakers

Okay, don’t laugh.  Yes, we made these.  I saw a video on Facebook from Sabado Gigante and showed my daughter.  That was it for me.  She said we had to make one.  Well, she actually said we had to make 3 of them.  One for each of us.   She said I needed one in my office at work.  (Ummm….)

So it might look ridiculous, but it actually works.  Yep, it actually works!  And my daughter thinks it’s pretty cool.  That’s all that matters, right?

We got our “ingredients” at the Dollar Store.  $1 for the paint roller and $1 for a pack of 3 plastic cups.  That’s all you need and it was only $2.

DIY iPhone and iPod Speakers

 Make sure an adult is doing the cutting!

DIY iPhone and iPod Speakers

 And that’s it.  Put your iPhone or iPod in the slot and play.

DIY iPhone and iPod Speakers

 I know, you’re still laughing.  But if you have kids, they’ll love it!

(I tried to upload our video of this but I can’t seem to figure it out.  Sorry about that.  So try it!  You’ll be amazed!)

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  1. I couldn’t imagine what or how, so I had to go on You Tube ( ) to see for myself. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.