“Extra” Special Valentine’s

EXTRA Special Valentine's Day Gift Idea with Printable

Do you buy the little boxes of Valentine’s cards for your kids to give to their class or do you make your own?  I, personally, don’t like the little store bought ones.  They are pretty cheezy and let’s face it, kids don’t really care about the little cards, they like the candy or little gift attached.  So we make our own Valentine cards to give out.

Well, we didn’t make this card.  I found it over on Passion for Savings.   Bless Heather for making this adorable printable for us to print out for free.  So we printed them out and glued packs of gum to them.  So we’ll say we made them.

They are pretty inexpensive to make.  It’s just the cost of printing them out on card stock and then the packs of Extra gum.  But the best part?  You use the skinny packs of gum and not the flat packs that cost $1.79.  The skinny packs are at the dollar store 4 for $1.00.  Bonus!

EXTRA Special Valentine's Day Gift Idea with Printable

You can find the free printable HERE

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