Marshmallow Fondant {Pinterest Fail}

Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

What the heck?  Those two don’t even look close.  What the heck happened?  It looked so easy.  Yeah, I’m here to tell you…. decorating a cake with fondant is NOT easy.  Not even close.

My kids have wanted to try to make fondant for awhile.  Then when I saw a recipe for Marshmallow fondant, I figured that would be good.  It would surely taste good, right?  But let’s dissect this, shall we?  Have you ever made Rice Krispie treats?  You know how when you melt the marshmallows and mix in the cereal and it gets harder and harder to mix because the marshmallows are cooling down?  Yeah, apply that same thing to fondant.  Yikes!  It kept getting harder and harder to work with and if I added more water it just got all mushy and gross.

At least the kids had fun.

Marshmallow Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

 And they were so proud of their creations!

Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

 I’m pretty sure, though, this little cake weighed about 15 pounds.  And the best part, that paper plate is a little salad sized one.  It was 14.5 pounds of fondant!

Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

 There are no words….

Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

 But I can’t make too much fun of the kid’s creations.  This was my attempt.

Marshmallow Fondant Fail - That's Not What It Looked Like on Pinterest

 Big sigh……

Tips anyone?



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  1. Haha! Thank you for keepin’ it real! I’ve actually made quite a bit of this but it’s really not as good to work with or as forgiving as real fondant. But it tastes so much better! You win some, you lose some. I haven’t had any trouble with kneading it, I just knead knead knead until all the sugar is incorporated and it’s a nice soft dough. It’s easier to work with right after finishing, but gets stiffer if it sits. You can soften it up by popping it in the microwave for a few seconds. OH so I guess that is a tip that might help! Instead of adding water, if it gets hard to work with, just pop it in the microwave. But still, unless you’re already a fondant pro (I’m not and never will be), you probably won’t be able to make a fabulous fondant covered cake with this stuff. I made this wedding cake with it, and the reason the sides are covered with ribbon is b/c they looked pretty much like your little cake up there. haha!

    • You are a genius! I never would have thought to put it back into the microwave. Great tip! Thanks Veronica!

  2. Fondant is finicky. You have to have the right ratio of all ingredients plus patience and practice. Instead of water, you needed to knead in a bit of shortening, and glycerin if you have any. Those both help to keep it soft and workable. Also, make sure after making you let it rest overnight. Coat it in a light covering of shortening, wrap in plastic wrap, then into an airtight container. I usually use a resealable baggie.
    When you’re working with fondant, make sure you keep any you’re not working with covered so air isn’t getting to it and roll out on a thin covering of either confectioners sugar, corn starch, or a mix of both. For shaping with your hands, a very light coating of shortening on your hands will help. Also, practice is the biggest key to learing to work with fondant, as with most anything!
    There are so many recipes for MMF that it’s hard to say if any changes to your recipe would help anywhere without Email it to me, if you like. I’m a baker and spend a lot of time making and working with fondant. My facebook is The Confectionista located in Saraland, Al.

  3. Hi Erin,
    Have you visited Hungry Happenings ?
    Beth is amazing, very talented, try Beth’s Fondant recipe. If my family hear the words “I think I might try making fondant again” they place bets if this version will be a bigger disaster than the last one…
    Your fondant looks great by the way