Fun Money Gift Idea

Money Gift Idea - Break Glass in Case of Emergency

 Birthday parties can be a blessing and a curse.  My daughter loves going to all her friend’s birthday parties but sometimes shopping for a gift can be a pain.  Unless I know the child really well and can pick a perfect gift that I know they’ll love, I’ve decided I’m going with money.  Who doesn’t love money, right?  That way they can go out and buy whatever they want and I’m not buying them something that ends up at the bottom of their closet.

This was a fun one and so easy to make.  We bought a frame, glitter, of course.  Made a backing on the computer and taped a $20 bill to it.  Done!  I was thinking I would also add a chocolate bar but apparently you can’t fit a chocolate bar in a regular frame.  Crud. 

My daughter’s friend didn’t seem to mind too much that the chocolate bar was in the bag rather than in the frame.  She loved the gift.

Money Gift Idea - Break Glass in Case of Emergency

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  1. I LOVE these ideas! They give people what they want but class it up a lot.

  2. These are great ideas. I will have to try them

  3. Those are all great and I might add cute ideas~and the recipient does not have to head for their bank with a check and then wait for it to clear!

  4. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are totally awesome fun money gifts and so creative indeed. I should do the twenty in the picture for my mom for Mother’s Day she would get a kick out of it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love some of these ideas! I definitely love giving money to teens but I would love to be more creative. Great ideas!