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Love Rocks
Have you heard of Love Rocks?

Last summer when we were camping we met a fun family who was camping next to us.  They introduced us to Love Rocks and taught us how to make them.  Even camping, they were simple.  Fabric, scissors, mod podge and rocks.

Love Rocks - A Fun Craft for Kids
My daughter had a great time with them.  Not only the making them part, but the hiding them part.  She hid them all over the campground for other kids to find.

Love Rocks - A Fun Craft for Kids
Here was the note she left for people to read.

Love Rocks - A Fun Craft for Kids

Love Rocks - A Fun Craft for Kids
I didn’t actually think they were a “thing”, just something this fun family made up to do while they were camping.

Love Rocks - A Fun Craft for Kids
Now fast forward 10 months.  I received this in the work mail system from a co-worker (an amazing gal who I’m lucky to be friends with!)  A Love Rock.

Love Rock with Note

It was a fun reminder for us to make some more and hide them around our neighborhood.  So we got out our materials:
* fabric
* scissors
* Mod Podge
* paintbrush
* rocks (you want them fairly flat and not too big)

Cut out your hearts in all different sizes (but not too big.  They need to fit on your rocks.)

Love Rocks
Paint some Mod Podge on your rock and set your heart on it.  Mod Podge over the top and let them dry.

Love Rocks
You can Mod Podge the backs of the rocks too if you want.

Love Rocks - Fun Craft for Kids
Aren’t they cute?

Love Rocks - Fun Craft for Kids

Now print out a note if you want to send one to someone.  Or just hide them around the neighborhood or even the classroom.

Share some love.  Share a Love Rock!



We’re linking to the parties found here.

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  1. These are cute! I bet your daughter had a blast making these. They would make really cute magnets too, as long as you use small rocks so their not to heavy.

  2. Seriously, how cute are these — we’re definitely going to have to try them!