Halloween Machete Cupcakes

Halloween Machete Cupcakes

Nothing says Happy Halloween quite like a Bloody Machete Cupcake, right? 

It was my friend’s birthday last weekend and I wanted to bring a dessert to work to celebrate.  She loves Halloween.  And by loves, I mean LOVES!  It’s her favorite Holiday.  So…. Halloween Birthday cupcakes it is.

Have you seen these candy machetes in the store yet?  I thought they were pretty cool looking.  Add them with blood red gel frosting and it screamed “buy me”.

Candy Machetes and Edible Blood

I thought they turned out pretty well.  Everyone at work loved them (and ate them in lightning speed.)

Halloween Machete Cupcakes

What do you think?  Halloween?

Halloween Machete Cupcakes


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  1. Cheese with Noodles says:

    We seem to be on the same wavelength in a lot of ways. I bought these candy knives and made bloody cupcakes with them last Halloween, too 😀

  2. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says:

    OMG, I love these Halloween Machete Cupcakes! Perfect for our Halloween Party! Thanks for sharing!