Inside Out Lunch Box Notes {Free Printables}

Inside Out Movie Lunch Box Notes and Free Printable

Have you seen the movie Inside Out?  We did and we loved it.  It was so dang cute and, being a school counselor, I loved the idea and message.  And we loved the characters.  They were so cute!  So after I made our Minion lunch box notes (found HERE and HERE). I wanted to make Inside Out lunch box notes.  I knew my daughter would love them.

Inside Out Movie Lunch Box Notes with Free Printable

If you’d like to print out these notes you can find the printable HERE and HERE.  (There are two pages.)  Print them out on heavy cardstock and cut them out.  If you want to re-use them, laminate them.

Then add one to your child’s lunchbox and wait to hear what they say after school.  My daughter loves them and says all her friends that she eats lunch with look forward to her notes everyday.  I love that.  Such a simple thing but the result?  So much more!

Are you looking for more free lunch box notes to print out?  Just search “lunch notes” in the search bar and a bunch will come up.

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  1. I tried to download BUT I only got 1 page.
    The one with hello at top does not show up
    I hit here and here and the picture etc
    Thank you

  2. How cute! I too was only able to get the second page. The page with fear doesn’t open in the links. (Both links take you to the page with joy.)

    • I just clicked on both the links and they were different. Let me know if it’s not the same for you and I can email them to you.