Camping Desserts: What to Make Over the Campfire

So we’ve established that I love to camp.  It’s quiet and peaceful and my kids are unplugged for a week.  A whole week!  We play games, walk, hike and explore.  And we try each camping trip to outdo our last camping dessert.  Yes, because it’s life all about desserts?  (Don’t answer that unless it’s an emphatic HECK YES!)

Here are some of the delicious desserts we’ve made over the years, all over a campfire pit.  Which means you can make these in your backyard if you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit.

Do you love Eclairs?  They are even better when cooked outside!
Campfire Eclairs - Camping Food

Have you ever thought about roasting Starburst Candies?  They are ooey and gooey and delicious!
Campfire Roasted Starburst Candy

How about a S’more Cheesecake Campfire Cone?
S'more Cheesecake Campfire Cones

 Campfire Apple Pies are still one of my all time favorites!
Campfire Apple Pies

We are huge Pop Tart lovers in my house but homemade pop tarts cooked over the campfire?  Yes, please!
Campfire Raspberry Pop Tarts

 We’re off shortly on another camping trip and just wait til you see what we have planned for dessert this time.  It’ll know your socks off!



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