Camping Tips and Tricks

Relaxing by the Campfire

I absolutely love to camp.  It’s probably my most relaxing type of vacation.  Well, other than being in a tropical area on a white sandy beach with a super hot guy bringing me beverages and gently wiping the sweat from my brow.  After that… it’s camping.

When my kids were younger and we didn’t have a lot of money and I was so, so tried of trying to come up with things to do during the summer months, I decided I’d take my kids camping.  I used to camp a ton, pre kids.  I could do it on my own, right?  Me and two young kids?  Sure, why not.   Don’t get me wrong.  We don’t tent camp.  I mean seriously, I’m not a lunatic.  I mean, two young kids, me and a tent?  Heck no.  We stay in a yurt/cabin.  We still do all the cooking over a camp stove or fire pit.  I chop my own kindling.  We have to walk hundreds of feet to the bathroom.  See, it’s still roughing it.

Camping Cabin

Over the years we have continued to go camping every summer.  We try to do at least three big camping trips (staying about a week each time.)  Each year we get a little better at packing and cooking and now it’s game to see if we can come up with a campfire dessert to top the previous trip.  We’ve also discovered some great tips, tricks and hacks to make it easier.

One of our best camping tricks was when we made our own DIY Hand Washing Station.  My son has OCD and cleanliness and hand washing is an issue for him.  This took care of it allowing him to have fun and a stressfree camping experience.  

DIY Camping Hand Washing Station

Do you struggle with building a fire?  I have mad fire building skills.  The trick is cutting your kindling small and having a great fire starter.  You can make your own firestarters using two ingredients you already have at home.  

DIY Camping Firestarters

One of the best finds I ever discovered were Pie Irons.  Have you heard of them?  We do the majority of our camping food in these bad boys and man, oh man, are they amazing!  We’ll be doing a post in a few days on all the desserts you can make in them.  Yes, desserts!  The best park of camping (IMHO.)  They are called Pudgy Pies or Pie Irons.  Either way, deliciousness comes from them!  Here’s where you can find your Pie Iron Set .

Camping Pie Irons

I’d love to hear your camping tricks and tips!

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  1. A hand washing station would be perfect for camping! You can get so dirty while out camping, and it would be nice to be able to clean up a little bit. I like the idea of making your own rather than buying one. Plus, I am sure it was fun to make as well, and I am sure it is very useful!