Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas {Secret Recipe Club}

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

The delicious taste of homemade red raspberry jelly plus cream cheese empanada dough make these little hand pies amazing.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

It’s with a sad heart I say that this is our last Secret Recipe Club post.  I’ve been apart of this great club since August of 2011.  Holy smokes.  That’s monthly posts for over six years!  It’s introduced me to new bloggers and amazing recipes that I might not have had the pleasure of experiencing before.  But, with all great things there is a ton of work.  And this amazing group is a ton of work for the organizers.  So this is the last month that we are all posting.  So a huge thank you to everyone I’ve met over the years and thank you to all of the delicious recipes.

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My last assignment was a great one – La Cocina de Leslie.  Leslie is a stay at home wife and mom of four who, for the past 16 years has been living in a small town north of Guadalajara in the heart of Mexico.  What fun!  What I wouldn’t give to live in Mexico.  Leslie’s blog is filled with the most amazing recipes from Poblano Fries, Sopes (yum) to Guava Cake.  I can’t wait to make so many more of her recipes.

I chose to make her Strawberry Cream Cheese Empanadas but I didn’t have strawberries so I used our homemade red raspberry jelly that I had in the pantry instead.

The dough is simple and only three ingredients: butter, cream cheese and flour.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

Mix it all together and then chill for an hour.  Roll out and cut into circles.  Fill with your jelly (making sure not to over fill.)

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

Fold over and crimp the edges with a fork.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

This is what happens when you overfill your Empanadas.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

No worries thought, they were still delicious.

When they are done baking, gently toss in sugar.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

Tossing them in sugar is definitely a must.  The dough isn’t a sweet dough so this is what makes them a “dessert” Empanada.

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  1. These look fantastic Erin. I love Leslie’s blog. Wonderful post. I love your blog and will miss SRC!

  2. 6 years is a long time! Great way to say good bye with these beauties. Happy Reveal Day!

  3. A wonderful last recipe for SRC, how sad it is all over……but, I love the look of these! let’s keep in touch! Karen

  4. Six years! One more than me… it’s tough, isn’t it?

    you made some gorgeous little thingies for your final assignment, and the platter is PERFECT for them

    i echo Karen… let’s keep in touch!

  5. These look awesome – so cute and yummy.

    I think we’re all going to miss SRC.

  6. I love Empanadas and these look like a winner. Bittersweet day today.

  7. I adore empanadas, and little hand pies, so I’m definitely going to make these!! And I ALWAYS overfill mine. Always. What a great pick for our final Reveal!

  8. Love these little hand pies!

  9. Elizabeth Cavallari says:

    How delicious are these!

  10. I havent seen a dessert empanada before. They look fantastic. SRC has been a fantastic ride, hasn’t it!

  11. Empanadas ANYTHING is A-OK with me, and this filling looks exceptional! May I say it was been a pleasure being in SRC with you, and I will miss our monthly meet-ups. I know I will see you around on the interwebs, though,. Take good care!